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Indulge in some wicked Roleplays with me

Come little victim, it is time to play with some wicked roleplays!

Wicked Phone Mind Fuck Maven Goddess Bella Donna shares some wicked roleplay thoughts!

For the last week I’ve had some fun with truly wicked Roleplays. Succubus and Witch Roleplays to be exact. I’ve given them a delicious twist, that tiny bit of extra, which makes it so much hotter.

I excel and delight in being the wickedness, the doom inducing evil, that you just don’t see coming. Instead of taking on the form of a hot, seductive Vixen who slowly seduces you into her arms, I come at you as the old woman next door, the ugly old hag, the no longer attractive female whom you’d either make fun of or ignore.

It makes the deviousness of the whole so much more intense, as I seek my revenge and cast my diabolical spells over you. Making you fall in love with me against your will. Forcing you to get aroused for me. Draining the very life force out of you as I cackle, laugh and taunt you with the doom I am visiting upon you.

I twist the old themes around, induce the fear, and take you to the next level of mind fuck depravity.

In my mind, being this super hot chick seducing you is simply too mundane and too easy. Any guy would fall for that.

There really isn’t much evil to it either since that is how you are wired naturally. In order for evil to take it’s hold there has to be something you do that is fundamentally “sinful” or “dark” in order to open the door for wickedness to take a foothold.

The funny thing is that many people do it all day long. They don’t even notice it when they make fun of someone less fortunate as them. Or when they ridicule someone who is no longer in the prime of their life. It’s dark, make no mistake about it, and it is the perfect reason for a demonic force or a Mistress of Darkness to put her claws into you.

Making you desire and love the very thing you found to distasteful. Twisting you against your very nature. Controlling you via magic to be completely helpless and addicted. It’s both diabolical and perfectly twisted when it comes to wicked Roleplays.

Demonic forces cannot attach to the truly innocent or the deeply good. It needs an open door to be cracked just a tiny bit before it can come in. Of course human nature is never truly good nor truly evil, but a combination of both at all times since the divine and carnal in us combine to make us a complete human being.

Another Roleplay along those lines I truly adore is that of me as the Priest corrupting his parishioners without them ever realizing. Introducing the very sins he or she preaches against into their life. The moment you tell someone NOT to think of it, they’ll never get it out of their mind. The more you forbid it, the stronger the desire for it becomes. In the end you can’t get past it until it is out of your system and that only happens once you have succumb to it. It’s the perfect mind fuck based on human weaknesses and the paradoxes that are part of our every day life.

Of course in those cases I counsel you, ask you questions that eventually force you to break down and admit your dark and sinful desires. I invite you to pray with me, but the moment our hands touch in prayer everything changes and you are taken into a world of sin and lustful desires that you can no longer escape. You see the kindly priest, this Shepard of his flock was no priest at all, but a Demoness, a Witch, or even Satan herself who only borrowed the body of the Priest whose soul is already burning in Hell for his own sinful misdeeds.

When it comes to wicked Roleplays with me it’s never straight forward. I delight in the twists that fuck with your mind and take you into a nasty surprise that will eventually be your personal doom. It doesn’t always have to end in Hell, but you’ll certainly be addicted and helpless in the end, paying a price for your carnal desires even if you weren’t really at fault.

I guess you could say I crap you by the mind, give it a good twist and turn, and then lead you around by your dick as only a wicked woman with a devious imagination can. That’s when the ugliest become the hottest, and when it is all done you wonder “How the fuck did that just happen! I would never..” but you see dearie… yes you would and you just did, because in the end you didn’t really have a choice now did you?

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I am looking forward to exploring the possibilities with you and of course to be your corrupting guide into the darkness of your sexual weakness and sinful delights.

Goddess Bella Donna

Stroke and worship your smoking Goddess POV

Stroke and worship your smoking Goddess POV

JOI and smoking Goddess worship Clip by Goddess Bella Donna

Screenshot from Get on your knees my little smoke slut and stroke yourself under my command, showing Me just how much you worship Me.

Remember you are only allowed to masturbate when you are in front of me, kneeling and watching Me smoking. Ah yes, it is every addicting.
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Eat my ashes slave

Eat my ashes slave!

Human Ashtray Instructions clip by Goddess Bella Donna

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Eat my ashes slave - screenshot Goddess Bella DonnaI know how disgusting it is for you as a non-smoker to be used as my human ashtray, but the reality is that you are my slave and as such I will use you any way I desire.

Since it has been a little while since I made you eat my ashes and eat the butt it’s high time I did.

Get on your knees, obey my orders, and listen to me humiliate and tease you.


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Homoerotic roleplays and mind fucking blunt talk!

Even if you are not gay, you love those homoerotic mind fucks!

Some blunt queer thoughts from devious Fetish Queen Goddess Bella Donna

Ah the lovely taboo of homoerotic mind fuck. These days I dare say it is one of the many topics that walk on the edge of “politeness” and “political correctness”. To call someone a faggot, a queer, a fudge packing cock sucker, is a precious little no no, in polite company. Certainly it is humiliating and debasing to assume that someone would love to get down and dirty with a big hard cock for no other reason then the fact that they are looking for some hot sexy fun.

Of course that is what homoerotic roleplays and mind fucking is all about! It’s humiliation, it’s messing with your very sexual identity, and it’s nothing more than a spot of twisted fantasy in most cases. I have chatted it up with wanna be Queers and “OMG I am so fucking gay” faggots for more years then I care to admit now. Our delicious Fetish Roleplays have taken them to dark places in their minds and have had their poor cocks explode in showers of jism well beyond what most would think possible. Triggering the forbidden fantasies of same gender sexuality, but not quiet. See here is the thing, in reality most of those guys who reach for those types of debasing, name calling, mind fucking fantasies, are the straight men who are simply searching for something different.

Guess what most “faggots” aren’t gay!

They are not gay, hell most of them aren’t even bi-sexual, and if you would really push them on their knees in front of a fat cock and make them suck it like the faggot bitches they roleplay they are, we’d have a fight on our hands. The thing is that most human beings have a curiosity about what it would be like to be sexually active with someone of their own gender. Some may have even experimented with it in their younger days. (I hear College seems to be a good time for those particular try outs!) That doesn’t mean however that they suddenly became bi or gay. It was a curiosity which over time turned into a hot fantasy and blew out of proportions. Guess what that is what fantasies and roleplays are all about. Stepping away from yourself and being someone you wouldn’t be in most cases in your every day life.

It’s hot because it is taboo and frowned upon!

Now recently I came under a little bit of Troll attack because I was using the word “Faggot” liberally in some Tweets. It naturally attracted the outrage of Gender Neutral or Queer Fluid folks, who found it disgusting that I would use such harmful to their sensitive words. Tolerance is the battle cry of many these days and of course it has now bled over into the Fetish World and Adult Industry as well.

Here is the fun fact for you so. The more you scream against it and make a big deal out of words, the hotter they get in roleplay scenes. The more outraged you become, because you seem to forget that not all of us are gay in reality and that the word faggot in roleplay and fetish revers to a man being hot for cock not another man (as in love), the more twisted the whole homoerotic fantasies play them-selves out.

How could you ….

I am bi-sexual myself, but with a stronger leaning towards men. To be blunt, in order for me to want to have sex with a woman she has to be very special and I must feel a deep loving connection with her already. I know that seems odd to some since being bi-sexual is treated the same way as being straight and gay. People forget that it is something incredibly individual to the person and doesn’t go by some bizarre blue print that organizations and society wants to place upon it. It’s human sexuality folks and when it comes to that there are no formulas that work for all.

Matter of fact I was in a loving and committed relationship with a woman many years ago until she passed away in a tragic Car accident. She was the first female love of my life, and the one who introduced me to same gender love making. Not to mention that she was also the one who helped me over what once upon a time was my almost homophobic need to be straight. Yes it was part of my upbringing and the idea of two people of the same gender having sex back then actually made my physically sick. That is until I met her, befriended her, got to know her and subsequently fell in love with this amazing woman who was the female love of my life.

I have yet to find another woman who can hold a candle to her to be honest. I have had a couple more female lovers since then, but the connection I felt with her was just never there again. She was special, a beautiful spirit, and someone who frankly would be disgusted by a lot of things that are showcased these days.

So the question of “how could you” or “can you” debase men and call them humiliating names while talking about their desire to get fucked by some random dick that doesn’t even exist in reality or taunt them about being addicted to cocks and cum for both the male and Shemale variety, I say… because it’s a fucking fantasy fools and it gets them hot and horny. It makes their dicks twitch, makes their cum dribble uncontrollably and if I really do my job as a Phonesex Fetish Maven well makes them cum so hard that they see God for a second. (Or Satan or any other being that they might conjure). Who knows their old ladies aka GF’s or Wife might actually get satisfied that night too while they fuck them like nobodies business while remembering our chat.

But it’s wrong and hurts my feelings..

First of all, to be frank, then you have a long way to go coming to a place of self-acceptance of your own sexuality when something a complete stranger who has zero to do with you can hurt your feelings with the use of a word. That means to me that you are still not fully ok with yourself and maybe you need to seek out some counseling and get some help learning to love yourself just the way you are.

See the reality is that once you are really ok with yourself there is nothing anyone can say to you that will make you feel bad about yourself or hurt your feelings that easily. By the way, you are ok just the way you are, you just have to get there to believe it yourself. I hope you can soon.

Oh and no, it’s not wrong either by the way. It’s sexuality and sexual freedom, wrapped up in a Fetish roleplay that serves to delight, arouse, mind fuck and yes make the person ultimately reach a happy handing. Who are you or I for that matter to begrudge them that? Isn’t that what you claim to fight for? The freedom to be the wonderful sexual individual you are and who can enjoy their little kinks and twists to the fullest without being poorly judged for it

Well, dearie, when it comes to homoerotic roleplays that often times includes humiliation, verbal mind fucking of the disgustingly hot debasing kind. It’s no different then a usually classy woman enjoying being called a “slut”, “bitch”, or “whore: in bed by her lover. Or a strong masculine male enjoying being called a “bitch boy”, a ‘loser”, a “maggot” or anything else. It’s not real, it’s fantasy bedroom talk….. So there is that.

Nobody has the right to control what goes on in MY virtual phonesex Bedroom but me and my caller!

As long as I keep it within the laws and the TOS of the platform I use, nobody but me and my caller have a right to control or to deny our freedom to be disgustingly politically incorrect and / or play out a fantasy that makes both side blissfully happy and sexually satisfied in the end.

So yes, fuck nuts, faggots, cock sucking maggot brains, cum mushed glory hole freaks, peter pumping deviants, lisping flammer wanna be gays, and all other lovers of homoerotic roleplayers and fetish freaks, Goddess is here to tell you …..

Call Me now! There is a big world of faggot fantasy waiting for you in my realm. I’ll have a grand old time humiliating you, addicting you, twisting your kinky little minds and turning you into the faggot cum dump bitches you are dreaming about while jerking your cocks until they almost fall off.

Goddess Bella Donna

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A bit of home wrecking wickedness

Let’s dig into the mind of
a former Home Wrecker!

Now that I have released Angelina’s Story of one of her home wrecking exploits in both written and MP3 version (see below after the interview recount), I think it might be interesting to share this part of the conversation I had with her.

I just couldn’t pass up the chance of actually digging into the mind of someone who was a self proclaimed former Home Wrecker. Enjoy!

As I was sitting around with the 7 everyday women with whom I was discussing the topic of home wrecking something unforeseen took place. One of the ladies which I have renamed Angelina for privacy reasons confessed that she was a Home Wrecker in her younger years. At this point and time when the conversation was taking place the lady was in her late 60’s, widowed and someone whom you would never imagine to have such a sordid past. According to her she turned her life around when she actually ended up falling in love with one of her victims of deception and ended up getting married to him. A marriage that lasted for 20 years and had its own ups and downs as she recalled, with one little perk that most women don’t have. Having been a home wrecker herself, she knew exactly how to safeguard her marriage from the influences of a toxic lady on the prowl – her words not mine.

Of course I had questions and I was fortunate indeed that she was so willing to answer them in the most candid of fashions. I think deep down she wanted to be asked and even understood as is the case for most human beings even when they do have a wicked nature to explain.

The first question I asked her was why she had decided to become a Home Wrecker and if that was something she set out to do or if it just happened.

I was surprised when she began to laugh at that question and told me in a very resolute and no-nonsense way that she never accidentally ruined a relationship but that to her home wrecking in a way was a sport and perhaps a little bit of revenge on menkind. (No this is not a typo – she was talking about men the gender as a kind in this case.)

She told me that it really all started when she watched her Parents and the behavior of each as she grew up. She came from a rather well to do family, wanted for nothing, was treated like the little Princess almost all her life, but at the same time noticed how her Father cheated on her Mother on a regular base with women that struck his fancy.

Her Mother, she recounted to me, was a gentle soul who was dedicated to being a Home Maker, devoted wife and mother. She ran the household with a loving but stern hand, and often times was rather exhausted at the end of the day after running after her and the other 4 siblings in the household.

There wasn’t much personal time or time to pamper herself, Angelina remembered, which in due time of course started to show itself in the good Lady’s appearance. She was pretty, but often looked less then perfectly coiffed, and had that look of a woman who needed a vacation to her. Raising them and of course keeping the Household running in such a way that it was befitting the station of her husband was exhausting and with her husband’s cheating ways it aged her quicker than it would have been the case otherwise. Stress and life was starting to show itself.

However, her Father was a good provider or so she recounted, and with that her Mother tried to turn a blind eye to the affairs and the women who came and went out of her husbands bed. It wasn’t that unusual in those times and days, but when one particular woman got her claws into him so deeply that he actually left the family for a while, it did something strange in Angelina.

Instead of wanting to be like her beloved mother who was a good woman through and through, she decided that she wanted to be like the spoiled and pampered woman who had essentially wrecked their home. It didn’t matter that her father returned 2 years later after having gotten a dose of his own medicine to the fold, the emotional damage was done.

Angelina swore to herself that she was never going to be the victim but the Huntress who took what she wanted and then spit it out when she was done.
The Home Wrecker was born!

I could see where Angelina had come to that conclusion and decision, but what I wondered about next was if she ever felt guilty for it or sorry for the women since she had seen the damage it cost first hand.

Angelina didn’t even have to pause for an answer and it was something I think she had to explain to her friends who knew about her past throughout the years. The answer came quickly and without hesitation.

Not one bit and I tell you why! I was doing these women a favor by forcing them to see what their boyfriends or husband really were like. Sooner or later every one of those guys slips up and screws up to the point that their wife or girlfriend finds out.

There are just certain signs that there is someone else taking up all their time and devotion that you can’t miss after a bit. At that point it is up to them to have more respect for them-selves and leave the jerk or to stick it out and fight or allow him to continue victimizing you in that way. At least now they knew the true character of their men and could make an honest decision. It’s much better to know what you are up against then not having any idea.

As for the men? No, absolutely not! Why would I feel sorry for them or have any remorse. They were cheating on their woman or should I say they were more than a little prepared on fucking around on them. Cheating is a choice you make. I don’t care how unhappy you are in your relationship, you can always end it if it is that bad, but they chose to have their cake and eat it too. I was just leveling the playing field a little.

They knew what they were doing and so did I?

Truth be told I was a little stunned by her attitude and response. The woman I knew today always seemed to be so loving and gently, but here I was getting to know an ice-cold Huntress who had no mercy for her prey. She was literally out for blood.

So Angelina, did you sleep with all of them and did you have any personal rules to that game you played? Was my next question.

At that she snickered a little and took a sip of her coffee her eyes twinkling with mirth.

Actually, I never slept with any of them. Well besides that one and he ended up being the man who became my husband. The rest of them never got that far with me. I’d play with them, kiss and cuddle, let them get to like 3rd base maybe, but I always withheld the final reward. I never let them forget that they were in a relationship with another woman and that they really shouldn’t be there with me. I think you’d call it a mind fuck right?

At that I nodded and chuckled. So you mean they never even got to have sex with you?

Nope, not even once, but I always dangled that carrot in front of them. I allowed them to belief that it was a possibility but only if they were no longer with their woman. I always told them that only MY man would get to have sex with me, and they weren’t my man because they were in a relationship with another woman. In the end the choice to leave her so they could be with me was always their choice to make. I never actually pressured them into it, I just sort of laid things out on the table and they drew their own conclusions. I never actually said that I would make them my man either, they just assumed that is what I was indicating.

As to my personal set of rules or ethics of my game as you’d probably call it hon, yes I had some actually pretty strict ones.

For me to set out to wreck his home he had to actually admit to me that he was in a relationship with another woman and then still be willing to flirt around and date me behind her back. I never wanted to deal with the guys that wouldn’t even confess to having someone they supposedly loved, because to me they were too slimy if you can phantom that.

I always gave it exactly a maximum of 3 months to play with his head and to try to take him away from her. If he could resist my efforts for more than 3 months and wasn’t making any noises about actually wanting to go further than to just talk to me as a friend (not wanting an affair with me) I’d let him down easy and move on. As far as I was concerned he was still redeemable and deserved to keep his relationship. I secretly always cheered for them and had respect in my own way. There is a difference between just being friends with a woman and looking to have an illicit affair with her you know?

I nodded at that, but didn’t interrupt verbally.

I never went after men who had children either. If kids were involved I wanted nothing to do with it. At that point it was too late to save the woman from a big mistake I always figured. She was on her own now. I guess that went just a step too for me.

If the man was able to be taken away from the woman (he left her on his own accord for me) I broke the relationship off the next day and left him standing there with nothing. I wasn’t going to keep a man that couldn’t be trusted.

Besides the one that became your husband you mean?

Yes, but that was a different story I don’t want to share right now.

Ok, I respect that. I answered, seeing why that was not something she would want me to share, because it made her vulnerable in so many ways.

In your earlier story you said that you had a few older men who would spoil you as well and that you were well provided for by your parents. Can you explain that?

I was what you call a Trust Fund Baby at that point and didn’t need to work in order to survive. I was a very lucky young woman and I spend a lot of my time just going shopping, getting myself pampered, and doing whatever I wanted. Needless to say that gave me that vibe that oh so many guys find irresistible. The uptown girl who is just a little out of their reach and so they want her more.

They’d fall all over themselves to impress me, get my attention and the older guys, well they wanted a pretty young thing like me to show off like a trophy. I took full advantage of that, but they never got more than just my attention either. No sex – that was my personal rule. I was a Home Wrecker and perhaps a Gold Digger too, but I wasn’t a Prostitute. I never sold my body for money, I didn’t need to.

Who did you have sex with then? I am assuming you weren’t abstaining?

Oh no, I had sex, but it was always on my terms and I made sure that those guys never got attached to me either. We had an arrangement of mutual convenience you could say. We had fun, sex if we felt like it, and then went our separate ways. I wasn’t planning on getting married and locked up in a relationship if you know what I mean. I liked my freedom way too much.

You sound like you were way ahead of your time.

No actually I was right in my time when women started to really discover that they didn’t need men to be happy and fulfilled, but that they could make great playthings and assets if you found the right ones.

Would you consider yourself a Female Supremacist or a Feminist then?

I used to but these day not so much. Things just got taken too far my taste and to be honest my marriage changed a lot of my views on things too. I think I just learned to see things from different sides once I was married and had a family of my own. There were compromises that needed to be made and in a marriage things are very different, but you know that yourself.

Again I had to nod. I knew what she was talking about here.

Did you ever meet any of the women whose homes you wrecked? I wanted to know next

Yes I did. A small handful, which honestly at times was unavoidable. As I told you earlier I even became really good friends with “Silvia” later on down the line, and she wasn’t the only one. Two other women besides her and I become friends after all was said and done. Of course that didn’t happen right away, but life has a strange way of turning things around at times. In the end they saw I actually did them a favor.

I had to laugh at that, because I know I met a few of the wife’s and girlfriends of my married subs before too, which was a bit sticky at first. In the end so we were actually able to form a friendship as well.

Looking back, seeing things now as you have gotten older, would you change things if you could?

She had to think about that for a second and then resolutely shook her head at me. No, I wouldn’t. I had fun and as far as I am still concerned those who ended up losing their women over their cheating ways, got what they deserved. Besides, I would never have met my darling husband any other way – God rest his soul.

I thanked her for her honesty and willingness to be so candid in sharing her story with me. I told her, that I had been actually very surprised by her admission and she gave me a hug laughing before telling me.

Oh sweet girl, you of all people should know that just because someone looks like sweet and innocent, just a regular woman, doesn’t mean they have a naughty nature and wicked past.

I had to agree on that! Guess even I forget that at times.


Now that you have enjoyed her very candid background answers, make sure you purchase the Story recount of one of her exploits. You can buy it in written format or via MP3 format:

Home wrecking …. and then there were none!

Hello my naughty darlings!

Today I am going to share the first “real life home wrecking Story” in a new Series which I am releasing for you here in Audio Version on this Studio. You can click visit my blog www.paymepiggy.com to listen to the voice introduction for this series!

…. and then there were none.

Will and Silvia’s relationships was already undergoing a difficult time, but it could still have been fixed at this point. That is until real life home wrecker Angelina decided to set her sights on Will and make him her next prey.


Goddess Bella Donna

Keywords: goddess bella donna, real life stories retold, home wrecker angelina, losers lose it all
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Talk to you again soon naughty ones!

Goddess Bella Donna



Stern Cuckoldress puts you into Chastity

Stern Cuckoldress puts you into Chastity

Chastity game by Goddess Bella Donna

and tells you your future. You have once again tried to get my attention when I didn’t want your attention and were silly enough to touch your dick in front of me without MY permission. The result is you going into extended chastity and a notification of what will happen now. As well as reminding you of why I even allow you to be part of MY life bitch boy.

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Length: 11 minutes
Size: 157 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 720×576
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BBW Goddess smoking various views

BBW Goddess smoking various views

PPV smoking upclose by Goddess Bella Donna

Another one of my set to music clips for you to enjoy. You will be permitted to watch Goddess smoke a brown filter cigarette this time. Views include slave POV, up close front, side view. Enjoy

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Length: 4 minutes
Size: 139 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1280×720
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I expect this from My good boys

I expect this from My good boys

Bitch Boy Conditioning MP3 by Goddess Bella Donna

Goddess educates and conditions you in the proper bitch boy mindset as I require from My good boys. Listen closely and understand why all the things I teach you here are so important in the final decision if you would be able to earn your good bitch boy places with Me. Do you think you have what it takes to become one of my good boys and make this Goddess happy?

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Length: 31 minutes
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You are going to be My sissy cuckold nullo

You are going to be My sissy cuckold nullo

Buy Clips by Goddess Bella Donna

Screenshot from

I am having you kneel before Me, looking up at Me (cucky POV) while I give you the news about your future.

I remind you of why you were turned into a cuckold to begin with (SPH), who has been locked up for some time now.

How now that I have enjoyed the pleasures of real men cock again, I realize that you aren’t even suitable to be a male cuckold, but that you must be sissified, so I can stand to even look at you.

I tell you about what to expect and finally tell you that in the end you will become MY sissy cuckold nullo (castration and penectomy).

Living the rest of your life feeling always sexually frustrated without even a possibility for release (no cock or balls), but that it will benefit you as well. After all, you’ll be so much more focused on serving and of course it will guarantee that you’ll always have a place in My home.
Keywords: goddess bella donna, castration, sph, humiliation, sissification
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Length: 15 minutes
Size: 190 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 854×480
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Sissy Categories and Goddess POV

Sissy Categories and Goddess POV

Audio Recording

Goddess takes you through an overview of the various categories of sissies that are out there and gives you some at times humiliating and at times praising insights to each. Followed up by My personal POV on how I see you sissies and what I think you are good for and not so good for.

Price: $23.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 23 minutes
Size: 22 MB
Format: MP3
Resolution: x
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