Come deeper into my Pantyhose Realm, puppet! MP3

Sensual Pantyhose domination and erotic puppeteer! Audio seduction of the mind for Pantyhose Puppets. Sensual Pantyhose domination and seduction. A verbal mental seduction and enticement for all of my pantyhose puppets. Weakening and taking you deeper under control as your erotic Puppeteer. Deepening your need to worship me – your Pantyhose Goddess – and teasing you with my words and the mental images I paint of your place as my Pantyhose devotee and puppet. Bringing you home to my Toy box! Format: MP3 Price: 9.99 USD Length: 8 min. 49 sec. This audio recording is available via: Niteflirt: IwantClips: Clips4Sale: …

Just a little deeper mindwash

Classic Goddess Bella Donna mental seduction Mind weakening and heart pounding mindwash Clip!   Classic Goddess Bella Donna mind seduction clip. Long hair, long nails, smoking, pantyhose, thong, high heels, and big sexy legs to worth drooling over. This in the mirror (dual view) mental seduction clip will have your mind weak and your heart beating faster. Careful highly addictive! Media Type mp4 Play Time 00:04:22 Resolution Standard 480p File Size 81.17 MB Price $6.99 USD Available for sale via: IwantClips Niteflirt    

Pantyhose, Big Legs and Shoe Pic Pack

Fetish photo pack for pantyhose, big leg and Shoe lover! It’s so easy to fall in lust with my divine big legs and sexy shoes! Regardless if you are a pantyhose fetish boy or have a lust relationship with delicious shoes, this photo pack from your BBW Goddess is more than enough to make you drool. Sexy big legs covered in silky soft black pantyhose and adorned with sinful white strappy heels, will weaken you and make you masturbate like never before. Surrender and buy them now pets. Click here to buy now!

Classic GBD Pantyhose and Shoe Pic Set

Pantyhose and Shoe Fetish Photo Set by Goddess Bella Donna Strappy Shoes and silky Pantyhose on my divine legs and feet. You can never have enough photos of my beautiful large legs and sexy feet. Don’t fight the urge to surrender puppets and give yourself a treat which will only weaken you further for your Goddess Bella Donna. Oh yes my darlings, the addiction is very real. Once I have ensnared you with my seductive feet and strong legs, you’ll never be able to get my images out of your mind. You need more, you must have more, you are …

Classic Goddess Bella Donna Pantyhose Pic set

Pantyhose Pic Set! There is no such thing as too much pantyhose… Note from Goddess: There is just something oh so sexy and alluring about wearing a nice pair of silky pantyhose. The way they give your legs that smooth look. The way the tease you into wanting to touch them to feel that silkiness. They are at the same time classic and naughty. A tease for the senses and at the same time so very ladylike. I know a lot of men bemoan the fact that less and less women wear pantyhose these days. Something that you used to …

Black Hose / Black Panties Goddess Worship Pic Pack

Black Hose / Black Panties Goddess Worship Pic Pack Rejoice my little Pantyhose and Big Ass loving Panty Puppets. I have another new Pic Pack for you to surrender to and worship! Yes Goddess is being very generous with you today! All those lovely new BBW Goddess Pics. See Collage Pic to see what’s inside this Photo Pack. Pictures are full sized. (Taken February 22nd 2017)

Fat Mature Goddess in Pantyhose 2

Fat Mature Goddess in Pantyhose 2 Pantyhose Goddess by Goddess Bella Donna Opaque Pantyhose, black Shape-wear High waist Panties & black lace bra (full cover). For those of you who love your Pantyhose Goddess with a big fat belly and a look of disdain on their face. Set to music – no talking. Category: FAT Related Categories: BBW GODDESS, BELLY FETISH, PANTYHOSE/STOCKINGS, MATURE, BIG LEGS Keywords: goddess bella donna, short hair, black hair, fat mature woman, fat belly, shapewear, pantyhose Price: $3.99 USD Length: 2 minutes Size: 25 MB Format: WMV Resolution: 720×576 Added: 5/14/15 6:57pm

Fat mature Goddess in black opaque Pantyhose WMV

Fat mature Goddess in black opaque Pantyhose WMV ‘   Panty Hose Puppet by Goddess Bella Donna You know you cant resist the lure of My Pantyhose covered feet, big legs and scrumptious big ass. The sight of it makes you weak and no matter what you try to pretend to yourself, you simply must be My little Pantyhose Puppet. Soft whispered teasing words set behind almost mesmerizing music, as Goddess teases you with her sexy fat body in black opaque Pantyhose. MMM you even get to see a black full bottom Panty Shot or two. I am being way …

BBW Pantyhose tease set to music

BBW Pantyhose tease set to music Panty Hose Action by Goddess Bella Donna A quick Pantyhose tease by your BBW Goddess – Goddess Bella Donna. If you enjoy big legs in nude opaque pantyhose, high heels on and off, big ass in pantyhose, without the interruption of My talking, this clip is for you! Category: PANTYHOSE/STOCKINGS Related Categories: BBW GODDESS, BIG LEGS, MATURE, HIGH HEELS Keywords: goddess bella donna, mature bbw, pantyhose tease, nude opaque pantyhose Price: $4.99 USD Length: 3 minutes Size: 100 MB Format: WMV Resolution: 1280×720 Added: 6/8/15 8:36pm

BBW Goddess smoking various views

BBW Goddess smoking various views PPV smoking upclose by Goddess Bella Donna Another one of my set to music clips for you to enjoy. You will be permitted to watch Goddess smoke a brown filter cigarette this time. Views include slave POV, up close front, side view. Enjoy Category: SMOKING Related Categories: BBW SMOKING, MATURE, POV Keywords: goddess bella donna, upclose smoking, brown filter cigarette, different points of view, smoking goddess, mature bbw Price: $5.99 USD Length: 4 minutes Size: 139 MB Format: WMV Resolution: 1280×720 Added: 6/8/15 9:15pm