Relaxing smoke controlled mind seduction for good boys

Relaxing smoke controlled mind seduction for good boys Smoking mesmer and masturbation encouragement clip Surrendering is so easy when you see your Goddess smoke, hear my voice, and guide you deeper into a world of good boy arousal and smoke controlled mind seduction. Just sit back, watch and listen to […]

It’s so easy being a good boy for your smoking Goddess!

Smoking Goddess relaxing mesmerization and mind conditioning for good boys! Being my good boy is so effortless! Your smoking Goddess Bella Donna is taking control over your breathing and stroking in this brand new mind seducing and resistance melting clip for MY good boys. I am relaxing you and effortlessly […]

Come deeper into my Pantyhose Realm, puppet! MP3

Sensual Pantyhose domination and erotic puppeteer! Audio seduction of the mind for Pantyhose Puppets. Sensual Pantyhose domination and seduction. A verbal mental seduction and enticement for all of my pantyhose puppets. Weakening and taking you deeper under control as your erotic Puppeteer. Deepening your need to worship me – your […]

Just a little deeper mindwash

Classic Goddess Bella Donna mental seduction Mind weakening and heart pounding mindwash Clip!   Classic Goddess Bella Donna mind seduction clip. Long hair, long nails, smoking, pantyhose, thong, high heels, and big sexy legs to worth drooling over. This in the mirror (dual view) mental seduction clip will have your […]

Smoke Puppet Mindmelt

It’s time for a brand new Smoke Puppet mindmelt Mesmerizing, mind-melting, smoke induced good boy puppet induction. First a note by your Goddess: It had been a while since I was filming a smoke puppet mindmelt and I wanted to do something a little different then just sitting there and […]

Enchanted by your BBW smoking and dancing Goddess

Enchanted by your BBW smoking and dancing Goddess Sensual and mesmerizing clip by your BBW Goddess Bella Donna I cast a special kind of wordless enchantment over you as I smoke and dance in this glorious outdoors setting, dressed in my long black dress. Slow, sensual movements, pull you into […]

Good boy sacrifice and home coming mind melt

Good Boy Conditioning Mental Conditioning for good boys and lovers of financial Goddess worship by Goddess Bella Donna Note by Goddess: You all love hearing the phrase and praise of “good boy”. Even the most wayward among you, in the end want to be “My good boy”. That is a […]

Must eat fat pig mind fuck

Fat Pig – Weight Gainer Mindfuck MP3 by Goddess Bella Donna You are so hungry every time you hear MY Voice. You can’t stop yourself. You must eat. You must gain weight. You must hear my voice. Dual Layer repetition brainwashing mindfuck for fat pigs. Listen and eat, you can’t […]

Mindful masturbation mindmelt Audios

Mindful Masturbation mindmelt Audios Mind Conditioning for Masturbation Puppets! Parts 1 through 3 Part 1 of my newest Masturbation Puppet Conditioning Trilogy. I take you through a sensual relaxing masturbation mindmelt (induction to relaxation and masturbation). You will have your breathing and stroking controlled by me as you become mindful […]

Mesmerizing BBW Goddess Dancing

Mesmerizing BBW Goddess Dancing Fall deeper under my sensual control boys Screenshots from this Clip! This is a classic Goddess Bella Donna Clip filmed back in 2009. Watch your BBW Goddess Bella Donna dance and pull you deeper into under my command in this mesmerizing Goddess Dance Clip. Category: BBW […]