You were struck by gay lust

You were struck by gay lust Gay / Faggot mind fuck tale by satanic Goddess Bella Donna Your satanic Goddess Bella Donna begins this mind fuck tale by making you see and realize that you are gay. No it’s not a choice you get to make any longer. You have […]

The Goddess Test

The Goddess Test FemDom Fetish Fable Audio When the Seeker comes to finally meet the Goddess after one year of wooing her via phone, email and chat without ever as much as seeing an image of her in order to gain a real time position at her feet, he undergoes […]

Nullo Eunuch future for small dicked bitch boy

Penectomy, Castration, Nullo Eunuch humiliating Mindfuck for small penis boys! Goddess gives you the humiliating truth about your destiny as the small dicked bitch boy. I lay it out for you and explain to you why you are destined to be a Nullo Eunuch in no uncertain terms. Yes it […]

You are going to be MY Thanksgiving Hog – fat boy!

Humiliation and Weight Gain Instructions Clip Wicked Feeder Mistress Goddess Bella Donna It’s time for the Holidays again and that means it’s time to make you gain weight again. I am giving you eating and weight gaining orders for the Holidays. You have 2 Weeks to meet the weight gaining […]

Wicked hungry Giantess gives you a terrible choice to make!

Giantess Vore, shrinking and penectomy mind fuck! Having you make that choice is downright evil, poor little man! Your wicked Giantess is so very hungry and talks about shrinking you down and devouring you with cheese. Which cheese should I use with you? Gouda, Swiss or Harvati, I debate as […]

Humiliating, teasing and mind fucking Human Ashtray using you

Human Ashtray using you fetish clip by Goddess Bella Donna Humiliating, teasing and mind fucking with a fantasy Memory of your beginning! This human ashtray using you clip is a mixture between using you as my human ashtray, teasing you, humiliating you and mind fucking you. Flipping in mood from […]

It’s so easy being a good boy for your smoking Goddess!

Smoking Goddess relaxing mesmerization and mind conditioning for good boys! Being my good boy is so effortless! Your smoking Goddess Bella Donna is taking control over your breathing and stroking in this brand new mind seducing and resistance melting clip for MY good boys. I am relaxing you and effortlessly […]

It’s time for Satanmas Celebration in Hell!

Twisted wicked doomed sinner fetish Holiday Audio It’s celebration time in Hell and you are the Entertainment While all the religious people above on Earth gear up to celebrate the birth of the Fag Jesus born to the Whore Mary and the Cuckold Joseph, Satan is gearing up for his […]

Wicked Feeder Weight Gain Fetish Audio

The Devil Woman and your fat sow Doom! A wicked Feeder Weight Gain Fetish Audio with a doomed ending! All you really wanted was a little late night snack. Not that you needed it, but let’s face it you are a gluttonous being who loves to eat rich decadent foods. […]

Fat Cheap White Trailer Trash Sissy

For sissy humiliation junkies who are always looking for their new low points. Big boobs, small dicks that don’t work, and women no longer able to tell if you are a boy in a dress or a really big woman. What could be better than that for the humiliation junkie […]