Succumb to your smoking Goddess, good boy!

Succumb to your smoking Goddess, good boy! Audio Recording for smoke lovers by smoking Goddess Bella Donna Your smoking Goddess entrances you with her voice and description of you falling deeper and deeper into our smoke-filled world. It’s so easy being a good boy when you listen to My Voice […]

3 Mini Stroke and Chant Audios

3 Mini Stroke and Chant Audios Quickie Audio Fun for my little jerk off puppets! These are a Niteflirt Exclusive only!   Stroke and Chant for SPH #1 Goddess gives you a 2 sentence humiliating and small dicked wanker acceptance mantra several times at the beginning of this audio so […]

Guided masturbation and cum countdown

I control your stroking and orgasm! Guided masturbation, smoking fetish and cum countdown! Goddess is giving you some teasing and sensual guided masturbation instructions. Telling you when and how to stroke for Me. I am controlling your orgasm as I do so. At the end you’ll be given a cum […]

You will never escape MY smoke box minion!

Your satanic Goddess will torment your lungs and cock for all eternity! Wicked smoking fetish and masturbation puppet mind fuck clip by Goddess Bella Donna Your satanic Goddess has you trapped for all eternity in her wicked smoke box in hell. You will never be able to escape. I will […]

Good boy smoke with me and stroke instructions!

Good boys get to smoke with me and stroke under MY instructions! BBW smoking Goddess Bella Donna in red lingerie controls your lungs and cock! Since you were such a good boy in my last clip and smoked under My instructions without touching yourself, I have decided to reward you […]

3 new masturbation puppet audios

Masturbation encouragement and conditioning audios for my masturbation puppets! It was time for some new masturbation puppet audio conditioning again. Haven’t done those in a bit. I guess you could say I was in the mood, the mood to make you stroke. Your path to becoming my Masturbation Puppet Goddess […]

Smoke induced masturbation puppet control

Smoke induced masturbation puppet control You are my smoke induced masturbation puppet. I am controlling your masturbation puppet self via MY smoking and orders. Smoke to stroke count down, masturbation control, cum on command or get denied, chanting to condition your puppet mind and deepen your puppet nature. In this […]

Watch me smoke and stroke on my command #5

Watch me smoke and stroke on my command #5 Your smoking Goddess is back and I know how much you have missed me. Get your lubrication puppets and get ready to watch your Goddess smoke her Marlboro Menthol 100 full flavor and tell you how to stroke. Cum Countdown at […]

Masturbation and Popper Corruption Mind fuck

The Adam Syndrome  Masturbation and Popper Corruption Mind fuck Clip   Oh you poor pathetic male sinners, you know you really never stood a chance against a Devil Woman just like me. It’s called the Adam Syndrome and in my usual satanic blasphemous and twisted way I explain to you […]

Mindful masturbation mindmelt Audios

Mindful Masturbation mindmelt Audios Mind Conditioning for Masturbation Puppets! Parts 1 through 3 Part 1 of my newest Masturbation Puppet Conditioning Trilogy. I take you through a sensual relaxing masturbation mindmelt (induction to relaxation and masturbation). You will have your breathing and stroking controlled by me as you become mindful […]