Succumb to your smoking Goddess, good boy!

Succumb to your smoking Goddess, good boy! Audio Recording for smoke lovers by smoking Goddess Bella Donna Your smoking Goddess entrances you with her voice and description of you falling deeper and deeper into our smoke-filled world. It’s so easy being a good boy when you listen to My Voice […]

Have you been My good boy?

Have you been My good boy? Smoking Mistress good boy mind conditioning! Have you been a good boy for your smoking Mistress? Have you worked hard, done your best always for Me? Being My good boy make you very happy. It’s what you yearn to be Watch your smoking Goddess, […]

Worship and obey your BBW Goddess

BBW Goddess in red lingerie, bare soles and sexy red full bottom panty tease! It’s time you worship and obey your BBW Goddess pets! You can’t resist my lovely big body in red lingerie. My bare feet, delicious big ass in red panties and sensually powerful dominant demeanor make you […]

It’s so easy being a good boy for your smoking Goddess!

Smoking Goddess relaxing mesmerization and mind conditioning for good boys! Being my good boy is so effortless! Your smoking Goddess Bella Donna is taking control over your breathing and stroking in this brand new mind seducing and resistance melting clip for MY good boys. I am relaxing you and effortlessly […]

Financial Domination and Fetish thoughts

Giving your hard earned money to Me never felt so good! A few financial domination and fetish thoughts by Goddess Bella Donna Hello dearies, it’s that time of the month again. NO not that time, you don’t have to go and run to put your pads on just yet. I […]

Be a good boy and spoil your Goddess TRIBUTE Clip

Spoil your Goddess Tribute Clip! It’s time that you dug deep and made it all about Me! Welcome from Montana and Goddess is showing you her new Bedroom where I am staying at. Wearing my glasses and starting off in a red shirt, but taking off my top to reveal […]

3 new masturbation puppet audios

Masturbation encouragement and conditioning audios for my masturbation puppets! It was time for some new masturbation puppet audio conditioning again. Haven’t done those in a bit. I guess you could say I was in the mood, the mood to make you stroke. Your path to becoming my Masturbation Puppet Goddess […]

Good boy sacrifice and home coming mind melt

Good Boy Conditioning Mental Conditioning for good boys and lovers of financial Goddess worship by Goddess Bella Donna Note by Goddess: You all love hearing the phrase and praise of “good boy”. Even the most wayward among you, in the end want to be “My good boy”. That is a […]

Good boy / sissy Birthday Tribute Thank you clip

Buy this Clip like a Good boy / sissy Only good boys and sissies deserve to hear Me praise them! Earn my praise of “good boy” by buying this “tribute” clip now, and hear me thank you for your contribution to making my 47th birthday great. This clip is only […]