Brainwashing Sissy Bimbo Mindfuck

Brainwashing Sissy Bimbo Mindfuck Audio Recording You are such a Sissy Bimbo! Your IQ keeps dropping and your clitty keeps shrinking every time you become aroused. Your IQ drops so low you cant even remember your male name any longer. Makeup makes your Boobies grow. You cant stand male clothing […]

A chocolate covered and out of control birthday.

A chocolate covered and out of control birthday. Audio Recording She’s always the one in charge, but just once she wanted to know what it feels like to be out of control. That was her birthday wish from her husband. He rose to the occasion and next thing she knows […]

Naughty Magical Witch Sex

Naughty Magical Witch Sex Audio Recording I am a novice Witch whose boyfriend has a love for sexy witch sex. Ever since we discovered that I can magically transform myself into any form I desire you always want me to transform myself into someone different when we are having sex. […]

Masturbation Zombie Brainwash

Masturbation Zombie Brainwash Audio Recording Layered Masturbation Zombie Brainwash encourages you to keep stroking, masturbate and empties your mind of anything else with each stroke you make. You can’t stop masturbating, you MUST stroke yourself! 7 min. MP3 3 layers – music background, main brainwash induction, left / right chamber […]

The Fate of the great Tickle Inquisitor

The Fate of the great Tickle Inquisitor Clip Goddess Bella Donna reads one of her original Tickle Torture Fiction Stories on Cam to you   Hello Darlings, Goddess Bella Donna here, and I decided it would be great fun to allow you to watch me as I produce one of […]

Sissy Garden Siren Spell MP3

Sissy Garden Siren Spell Audio Recording   In a deceptively sweet and enticing voice I cast the Sissy Garden Siren Spell on you. This Spell seduces you into My Sissy Garden where I’ll turn you into a pretty sissy who’ll be trapped in my Garden of pleasure forever. Mindless, MY […]

Her wicked best Friend (Home wrecking Fantasy)

Her wicked best Friend (Home wrecking fantasy) Audio Recording MMMM what can I say about Julianna besides that she was beautiful, seductive, manipulative, wicked and eventually your downfall. She was also your ex-wife’s best friend or so you both thought. Your wife trusted her explicitly and thought that Julianna only […]

Chronic Masturbation and cum eating fantasy

Chronic Masturbation and cum eating fantasy Audio Recording   The chronic masturbation and cum guzzler competition! You don’t mind that I signed you up for a little competition do you? I figured taking your addiction to jerking your cock and how your eyes glaze over at the very thought of […]

The brand new pair of Boots

The brand new pair of Boots Audio Recording Paul is a boot fetish boy who considered himself submissive, but he doesn’t learn the true meaning of being dominated until he asks for an appointment with a booted BBW Goddess. Before he gets his wish, he is given a task to […]

Sissy Orientation at the Hades Lust Den (Fag Brothel)

Sissy Orientation at the Hades Lust Den (Fag Brothel) Audio Recording Quick Overview Naughty sexy Sissy Fantasy Story with a wicked twist. Goddess takes you for your first orientation in Hades Lust Den (aka. The Faggot Brothel) where you’ll be a wanton Faggot Whore. Extended Teaser: Hello again Sissy, I […]