Who is Mommy’s pretty Sissy???

Who is Mommy’s pretty Sissy??? Audio Recording Who is Mommy’s pretty Sissy? Why you are of course. Your BBW Momma Bella is taking you down Memory lane as you prance around getting ready for your very first date with a boy I picked out of you. I remind you about […]

You are a Shemale Cock Worshiper

You are a Shemale Cock Worshiper Audio Recording Mind-melting Shemale addiction Audio. You will not be able to resist as Goddess brings you to your knees before the superior Shemale Cock. The Shemale is your deity whom you must worship by sucking her Shemale Cock and receiving the Shemale cum […]

You love being a sissy

You love being a sissy Audio Recording Your Goddess knows just how much you love being a sissy and recounts all the things you love so very much about it. Sissy enforcement audio. 9 min. 04 seconds MP3 Category: SISSY TRAINING Related Categories: AUDIO ONLY, MIND FUCK, FETISH, FEMINIZATION Keywords: […]

Gayness rising

Gayness rising Audio Recording   Goddess is taking you through a mindmelting masturbation and gay encouragement mental session. Visualization mesmerization as I walk you through cock sucking, ball licking, gay anal sex and acceptance of your gay self. Feel as your inner gayness is rising and you learn to embrace […]

Losing your faggot virginity to my gay best friend

Losing your faggot virginity to my gay best friend Audio Recording   You always pretended to be straight, but I noticed how hot you were for my gay best friend when you met him last week at my home. Ever since you have been masturbating like crazy while fantasizing about […]

Brainwashing Sissy Bimbo Mindfuck

Brainwashing Sissy Bimbo Mindfuck Audio Recording You are such a Sissy Bimbo! Your IQ keeps dropping and your clitty keeps shrinking every time you become aroused. Your IQ drops so low you cant even remember your male name any longer. Makeup makes your Boobies grow. You cant stand male clothing […]

A chocolate covered and out of control birthday.

A chocolate covered and out of control birthday. Audio Recording She’s always the one in charge, but just once she wanted to know what it feels like to be out of control. That was her birthday wish from her husband. He rose to the occasion and next thing she knows […]

Naughty Magical Witch Sex

Naughty Magical Witch Sex Audio Recording I am a novice Witch whose boyfriend has a love for sexy witch sex. Ever since we discovered that I can magically transform myself into any form I desire you always want me to transform myself into someone different when we are having sex. […]

Masturbation Zombie Brainwash

Masturbation Zombie Brainwash Audio Recording Layered Masturbation Zombie Brainwash encourages you to keep stroking, masturbate and empties your mind of anything else with each stroke you make. You can’t stop masturbating, you MUST stroke yourself! 7 min. MP3 3 layers – music background, main brainwash induction, left / right chamber […]

The Fate of the great Tickle Inquisitor

The Fate of the great Tickle Inquisitor Clip Goddess Bella Donna reads one of her original Tickle Torture Fiction Stories on Cam to you   Hello Darlings, Goddess Bella Donna here, and I decided it would be great fun to allow you to watch me as I produce one of […]