Owned by the Nightstalker

Owned by the Nightstalker Audio Recording Succubus Fantasy The seduction of the Nightstalker is one you’ll never be able to resist poor darling. You see, you dreamed her into existence. Your lust gave form to her, and now she preys on you and all of those other poor horny men […]

Goddess seduces a younger woman

Goddess seduces a younger woman Audio Recording If anyone would ever told me that I would end up being a lecherous lesbian cougar a few years ago I would have laughed in their face. Not about the being with another woman part, I have enjoyed sweet female on female sex […]

Caught in My Web and Infernal Toybox

Caught in My Web and Infernal Toybox Audio Recording Your dark Puppeteer and Arachnia Satanicus has caught you in her Web and leads you into the Infernal Toybox, where you’d never want to escape from. Here are all the mindmelting and delicious reasons why. “Come little Puppet…it’s time to play!”11 […]

Mine all Mine

Mine all Mine Audio Recording Goddess tells you how much she loves that you are “Mine all Mine”. She teases you as she talks about your body worship service to her, and then denies you for now! Sensual Domination, tease and denial, mental seduction, body worship. Buy this audio and […]

Our little Secret

Our little Secret Audio Recording Gosh are you lucky that I am not just a sweet Bitch but also a Witch, or I would have no use for you at all. Teasing Background story of how we first met, the little surprises I got and how I found a solution […]

Foot worship

Foot worship Audio Recording I hope you have prepared yourself for a day of Foot worship my little foot slut. Goddess begins to tell you how your day of Foot worship begins at the sole of my size 9 pair feet and gives you her beginning orders. Sensual domination. 5 […]

One pair of panties closer to blackmail doom

One pair of panties closer to blackmail doom Audio Recording Panties, such a sweet innocent if highly erotic piece of clothing, and not something anyone would ever consider to be a harbinger of doom, but in your case it was a pair of white lacy panties that changed your life […]

Your first day as My Sissy Cuckold Wife

Your first day as My Sissy Cuckold Wife Audio Recording I don’t think I can stand another minute of your foolish attempts to be My husband. Lets be honest, you are now and always have been more of a bitch boy then a man. I mean come on look at […]

Mesmerizing Shemale Obsession Mindmelt

Mesmerizing Shemale Obsession Mindmelt Audio Recording You already suspect it but I not only confirm that you are utterly addicted and obsessed with Shemale cock and cum, luscious Shemale breasts and naughty Shemale faggot sex, but deepen in your addiction further. This is a dual layer Audio, that once you […]

Good Boy Cashpet obsession Tribute

Good Boy Cashpet obsession Tribute Audio Recording You are obsessed to being a good boy cashpet for Goddess, and never feel as aroused or worthy as when you please your Cruel Findom Deity. Stroking is never as intense as when you have earned the privilege to touch your cock for […]