The many facets of Goddess Bella Donna

I have never been a one trick pony! There are many facets to this mature woman! Hello darlings, there is a misconception in the world  that once a woman is one thing she can’t ever be anything else or more. People in general begin to see us as a one […]

What does it mean to be My smoke slave?

Become MY smoke slave! If you are interested in becoming one of MY smoke slaves, then this is the must have clip for you. In this clip I explain to you what it means to be a smoke slave for me, what MY requirements and expectations are, how to request […]

Guided masturbation and cum countdown

I control your stroking and orgasm! Guided masturbation, smoking fetish and cum countdown! Goddess is giving you some teasing and sensual guided masturbation instructions. Telling you when and how to stroke for Me. I am controlling your orgasm as I do so. At the end you’ll be given a cum […]

Smoking Instructions Sessions Parts 1 through 3

Smoking Instructions mini Series Parts 1 through 3 Smoking Instructions, Guided Masturbation and Cum Countdown Clips! This is a complete mini series for my smoke slaves in 3 Parts You should buy all 3 clips and do them in order! Smoking Instructions Sessions Part 1 of 3: In this first […]

Nullo Eunuch future for small dicked bitch boy

Penectomy, Castration, Nullo Eunuch humiliating Mindfuck for small penis boys! Goddess gives you the humiliating truth about your destiny as the small dicked bitch boy. I lay it out for you and explain to you why you are destined to be a Nullo Eunuch in no uncertain terms. Yes it […]

Sissy Maid Orientation

Sissy Maid Orientation A sissy Maid requirements for serving THIS FEMDOM clip! Goddess has you in her living room and gives you your Sissy Maid Orientation. I give you an overview of what I expect from you if I decide to permit you to become My sissy maid. You will […]

Suck My High Heel cock dirty boy

High Heels, big legs, humiliation and domination clip! Serve and amuse your BBW Goddess in High Heels! Big Legs and 5 inch high heels make you weak and turn you into a dirty boy for Me. Come and suck my High Heel cock bitch and lick the soles of my […]

You are going to be MY Thanksgiving Hog – fat boy!

Humiliation and Weight Gain Instructions Clip Wicked Feeder Mistress Goddess Bella Donna It’s time for the Holidays again and that means it’s time to make you gain weight again. I am giving you eating and weight gaining orders for the Holidays. You have 2 Weeks to meet the weight gaining […]

Webcam Wednesday Details

Wednesday is my official Webcam Pro-Domination / Fetish Session day! Read the following information carefully if you’d like the honor of having a Webcam Session with Me! As of yesterday I have started taking Webcam Session Appointments again and did my first round of Sessions. It’s been a long time […]

Goddess teaches you how to put MY Makeup on for Me!

Sissy training Clip – Makeup Makeup service to your BBW Goddess! Part of your service to Me is you being My little Makeup Artist. Since every woman has a different style when it comes to HER makeup I am showing how I apply MY makeup from no makeup to fully […]