Classic Goddess Bella Donna foot fetish pack

Foot Fetish Photo Pack Bare feet, fishnet stockings, toes and all to weaken your senses! Time for my little foot fetish puppets to get some delicious inspiration today. Enjoy this full sized Photo Pack. A nice variety of my bare feet, fishnet stockings, beautiful toes to dream about All to […]

Bare feet for foot bitches pic pack

Foot Fetish Photo Pack by Goddess Bella Donna Bare feet, nail polishing, toe fetish Every wish you could be present when Goddess changes her nail polish? Dream of being my little Foot Bitch standing by to serve me? Well here is a scrumptious Photo Pack to allow you to dream […]

Pantyhose, Big Legs and Shoe Pic Pack

Fetish photo pack for pantyhose, big leg and Shoe lover! It’s so easy to fall in lust with my divine big legs and sexy shoes! Regardless if you are a pantyhose fetish boy or have a lust relationship with delicious shoes, this photo pack from your BBW Goddess is more […]

Classic GBD Pantyhose and Shoe Pic Set

Pantyhose and Shoe Fetish Photo Set by Goddess Bella Donna Strappy Shoes and silky Pantyhose on my divine legs and feet. You can never have enough photos of my beautiful large legs and sexy feet. Don’t fight the urge to surrender puppets and give yourself a treat which will only […]

Classic Goddess Bella Donna Pantyhose Pic set

Pantyhose Pic Set! There is no such thing as too much pantyhose… Note from Goddess: There is just something oh so sexy and alluring about wearing a nice pair of silky pantyhose. The way they give your legs that smooth look. The way the tease you into wanting to touch […]

Do you enjoy reading my stories?

Do you enjoy reading my stories? Branching out to a new Venue with Rewards for my Patrons of the written word! Announcement – Please read carefully and consider becoming a supporter by making your pledge today! Hello my naughty ones! I love to write! That shouldn’t come as a surprise […]

A bit of home wrecking wickedness

Let’s dig into the mind of a former Home Wrecker! Now that I have released Angelina’s Story of one of her home wrecking exploits in both written and MP3 version (see below after the interview recount), I think it might be interesting to share this part of the conversation I […]

S’natas Bedlam House – The Beginning

S’natas Bedlam House – The beginning! Erotic Doom and Mind fuck Fetish Audio by Goddess Bella Donna   “Being crazy isn’t a requirement to find a place here, all are welcome. By the time we are done with you, you’ll have lost your mind!” Perhaps if you would have known […]

Good boy sacrifice and home coming mind melt

Good Boy Conditioning Mental Conditioning for good boys and lovers of financial Goddess worship by Goddess Bella Donna Note by Goddess: You all love hearing the phrase and praise of “good boy”. Even the most wayward among you, in the end want to be “My good boy”. That is a […]

You are just a dick’s bitch faggot

You are just a dick’s bitch faggot Written humiliation and teasing text for faggots and sissies! Goddess teases you and foreshadows the truth of your nature… You are just a bitch for dick faggot (you too sissies). It doesn’t matter how much you try to deny my dears, in the […]