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Goddess Bella Donna’s custom content information!

Ever so often I get asked if I offer custom content for sale. The answer is yes I do. I enjoy making customized content for my clients and loyal fans. There is something very intimate about creating an audio, clip, story or task just for you. It’s fun and adds that special something to your Goddess Bella Donna’s Collection. If you don’t have one yet, you should really start one. I am amazing, fun, wicked and at times even highly instructional. Just like a FemDom and Fetish Queen should be.

So let me tell you a little bit about my custom content and what that offers to you.

All of the customized content I produce and offer is exclusive to you. Exclusive means that you receive a one of a kind, piece of content which is yours alone and will never be resold to anyone else. It’s special in so many ways and our little secret I guess you could say. I do put my copyright in it as I do with all of my content of course and I do ask that you don’t post it out for free anywhere. You purchase the content, not publication or resell rights. Please respect that.

Customized content is geared to your specifications, fetish enjoyments and triggers. When I produce my regular content it is openly generalized so it can fit to any number of individuals who are into the topic of the content. It’s hot, a turn on for sure, but it doesn’t speak to YOU directly or is not about YOU as the individual. Customized content on the other hand is towards YOU very specifically and I often call you by the name you have given me or a nick name you wanted assigned to you. It’s also about YOU or at times about US in a fantasy relationship we are having with one another. I include little details that I ask you to give me which gives it a very intensely intimate feeling. The arousal factor becomes so much stronger when that type of small detail is included since you are literally one of the Stars in this Fetish Adventure.

Since Fetishes are very specific and individualized in many cases each of us comes at it from a different direction and has those ultimate little triggers that can only be fully found in a customized piece of content. I ask you questions ahead of time and then incorporate those answers into the item you are placing an order for. In some cases you might be someone I have had a lot of interaction with before via chat or phone conversations. In that case I have a pretty good grasp on what gets you going and what tips you over that blissful edge of satisfaction. In those cases it becomes an extension of your training, conditioning or fantasy relationship with me. It helps to strengthen and expand that world we have created already with one another and just adds an additional bit of spice to it for those times when I am not around or available.

I always suggest to my most loyal fans, clients, subs and pets, to indulge in owning at least a couple of customized clips, audios, stories or tasks by me.

It’s important you are familiar with my style and how I produce the content.

When someone comes to me and asks to place an order for a custom piece of content I always ask them if they already own one or more of the pieces of content I sell in a mass production way. I know many of you find that surprising at first, but it is really important that you are familiar with my style and how I produce my content. The quality of my content so to speak.

I film on an amateur level when it comes to the actual film production. I use a Brio Webcam (thank you to the wonderful boy who bought this fantastic High Quality Webcam for me). For download and upload purposes I keep the format sizes small. I either render it to be in a WMV or a MP4 format. You are able to pick which one you prefer.

I am not part of a big studio nor do I have access to Studio Locations. Which means I film out of my RV, in a Motel Room (if you want to cover the additional cost for that), or at times outdoors. I am a big Lady, a BBW, with a big soft belly and non-enhanced breasts. (Meaning I do not have any plastic surgery). I am 47 years old at this point, so yes a more mature Lady as well. I don’t film nude nor semi-nude. Most of my clips are Torso on up. If I film in a Motel Room I have the space to do full body and have more movement abilities, in the RV that is not possible due to space restrictions. All those are things that you need to know ahead of time and can see if you have already purchased a clip.

I am very conversational in my style. Giving you the feeling as if I am actually there speaking to you directly. Unless it is requested I don’t script. Meaning I film free flowing, which gives it a more natural feel to it. It also means I cannot duplicate it exactly the same way twice. Which truly gives you the only copy besides my Master Copy which I keep of course for my records.

There is very little editing in my clips. I add my copyright and at times some written teases into it after I film, but most of the time there are no cut scenes taken out or any type of FX done. As I said honestly I film on an amateur level which for the right type of person can be even hotter then a overly edited production.

When it comes to my Audios I record either with a Blueball Mic or a Gamer Headset with Mic. Which I use depends on how much outside noise or background noises are around me. The Blueball Mic is a very sensitive professional mic that sadly picks up any small noise but allows me to put on the pop filter etc. The Gamer Headset with Mic is nice and clear, not as sensitive, but is not the professional quality of the Blueball Mic. Either of them are run through my Audio Software to assure it’s clear and had a good sound level to it. This is where I add “sound effects” as well and produce some of my illusion “full cast” audios. Illusion full cast audios are those in where you hear the “demons or Satan” talking along with me. Those are all my voice changed a little in pitch during recording and then further enhanced and changed in the editing process. It’s a lot of work to get done, but a lot of fun for both myself and the lucky client who is willing to indulge into something a little more costly.

My Stories and Tasks are available to you either via a word document or via a PDF. You’ll need to let me know which you prefer as a delivery method. Do keep in mind that I do still write with an accent at times.

One of the things I can assure you is that I am one of a kind and have a very specific to me style as well as a wicked imagination always ready to ensnare and entice you.

Just think of me as the woman next door whom you could have never imagined has such a kinky nature, is naturally dominant, and enjoy fucking with your sweet mind. It’s the ultimate in secret naughtiness.

Cost and turn around times!

I have a standard minimum of $100 across the board when it comes to my customized content. Regardless if you are looking for an Audio, a Clip, a Story or a Task, my prices begin at $100 and go up from there depending on media, content and length.

In general I charge $100 for the first 5 minutes or 5 pages. After that the prices change depending on what you are ordering.

For Clips each additional minute is $10.00 to $15.00 depending on the content. For extreme fetishes or financial fetish topics it’s $15.00 per additional minute, for all other fetishes it is $10.00 per additional minute.


So let’s say you want a smoking fetish clip that lasts 10 minutes the cost to you would be $150.  If you want a financial fetish clip, homewrecking fantasy, blackmail fantasy (for entertainment purposes only) clip that lasts 10 minutes it would be $175.00. Of course Rip off clips are at whatever price I put them.

For Audios each additional minute is $5.00 a minute to $10.00 a minute. Just like with clips the standard fetishes are priced at the $5.00 and all financial fetish, extreme fetishes or overly intense fetishes (hard to find) are at $10.00 a minute additional. Full cast Audios are set at $15.00 a minute additional.

For Stories and Tasks (written content) each additional page is set at $5.00 per page over the first 5 pages.

The turn around in general is 24 hours unless I tell you otherwise before you order. If I need to get specific items at a store or am encountering a high volume of custom orders at the moment then the turn around will be longer. I’ll let you know honestly before you order. I produce content in the order the orders come in. If you want to be put on a fast track (meaning you jump to the front of the line) you can pay me an extra $100.00 for the privilege.

How to order and payment!

I always require full payment upfront before I begin producing. Sorry that is not negotiable. You can place your order request with me via my email: goddess@femdomfetishcontentforsale.com or via my Niteflirt Account www.niteflirt.com/GoddessBellaDonna. If you pick Niteflirt then the payment will be done via NITEFLIRT period. For all others I will give you several payment option you can utilize once I have agreed to do the content for you.

Note: I do reserve the right to reject a custom order if I am not comfortable with it or feel that I am not able to produce it at that time.

When placing a request please be precise in what it is you are looking for without writing me a novel. What I need to know to begin with is what Fetishes or Kinks you are looking for, which Media (clip, audio, or written), and the length. A quick two paragraph outline to give me a better idea of what you have in mind. Basically an overview of your request. If I am interested in producing it for you, I will ask you any clarifying questions I need answered. If for any reason I reject the request I will respond politely and let you know my decision and why.

Once we have come to an agreement, you will be given the payment options and as soon as you made full payment it goes my production list.

Please be sure what it is you want. It’s a one shot deal. Meaning I do not redo the content.

Can we brainstorm for a bit and discuss the content in detail further before I order?

Yes we can via my new CHAT FEATURE on Niteflirt or via a live call on my Niteflirt Roleplaying listing. We can brainstorm for as long as you want at the per volley or per minute rate posted.

There you go my darlings! All the information you need to get started ordering your custom content from me.

Goddess Bella Donna