Spoil me – Tribute options

Are you a admirer who simply wants to express his / her adoration?

Are you a little cash pet who enjoys handing his money over to a superior Goddess?

Are you a loyal and devoted pet who takes serving Goddess seriously?

Are you a weak for me puppet who knows his place in my toybox?

Then this page is for you. Here you can make good use of my favorite tribute options and show me just how much you adore and worship me. Simply pick the one that works best for you and send Goddess a gift or two today.

Cash Gifts are always my favorites.


www.giftrocket.com (made out to anywhere – send to goddess@femdomfetishcontentforsale.com)



Physical Pre-paid Visa and Mastercards, or cash can be send to my P.O.B.

Regina Kamrud
848 N. Rainbow Blvd #5156
Las Vegas, NV, 89104

(I’ll have it forwarded from there to my current travel location.)


E-Certificates can be emailed to me at goddess@femdomfetishcontentforsale.com


or you can purchase something from my Amazon.com Wishlist and have it shipped to me.  (Note my Wishlist does not cater to boys fetishes and kinks. It’s not there to get you off. I add only items on there I really want, need, and will use. You can buy a gift from it with confidence that it will please me. )

Currently my top wishes of my Wishlist are:
Laptop – I need that one a.s.a.p.
Convection Oven – I been wanting one of those for my RV for a long time now
The Makeup I have listed. (for my smaller pocket pets and admirers that one is perfect for you.)