Financial Fetish / Domination

Financial Fetish / Domination Info for aspiring cash pets, financial slaves, and beta male spoilers.

Let me ask you this before you read the entire text that is to follow:

Can you handle serving and obeying, even sacrificing financially and ego, to a mature BBW Goddess who understands the dynamics of D/s, BDSM and is strict but caring about those who have earned that privilege of being special to her?

Financial Domination or Fetish is one of dozens of fetishes I indulge in and deeply enjoy. To me personally it is a very true form of Goddess worship and beta bitch life servitude.

What I am not into is forcing you into obedience and surrendering yourself as well as your financial wealth to me. I want it given freely, eagerly and if you really want to get my panties wet and my mind dancing in pure happiness then you beg for the privilege of being my devoted financial slave, pet, puppet or beta male. I don’t feel the need to blackmail you into giving up what is mine by rights if you want to serve me as your Goddess. I won’t chase after you either to collect my money. I will simply let you know what I expect and consider it done. If you fail to jump and do as you are told with that happy puppy dog wiggle and that twitch of excitement that should be your natural reaction knowing you are pleasing me, I will simply move on from you. Someone else will be fortunate enough to take your place. Remember darlings, there are 1000’s of you and only one of me. No that is not conceit, that is confidence and knowing that I am that fabulous.

I am a Goddess, for a lot more reasons then the fact that I was born a woman or the exalted Title I carry. With me you are experience the entire package. Mature natural beauty, intelligence, a love for taking control, experience as a FemDom Goddess spanning back over two decades now, and a firm grasp of what makes a good and caring D/s Relationship from both sides. I am the type of woman your mother warned you about and you secretly always dreamed of kneeling and belonging to.

I am greedy, be aware of that from the start and I have been a thorn in the side of time wasters for a long time now. I only give as much of my valuable time as I desire to give to those I feel worthy of receiving it. Which means you have to be interesting to me, have to have something that will keep me motivated to see you as worthwhile, and of course be able to amuse me. All things that time wasters lack by the very nature of their foolishness.

I enjoy my pets, subs, beta bitches and puppets. I enjoy chatting with them, playing with them, making them jump through hoops for my entertainment, and getting to know them on a very intimate level. I become their Goddess in very sense of the word. The one who controls, the one who guides, the one that is the one you can unburden yourself to, the one that keeps you safe in your submission, and the one that deserves everything you have to give. In one word, THE GODDESS you belong to.

I am strict, playful, fun loving, wicked, demanding, naturally dominant, a wonderful conversationalist, a caring woman with a lot of life experience under her belt, a cheerleader and at the same time the little bit of hard knocks disciplinarian that reminds you of your place before me.

When you serve me you will serve the real deal not a fantasy you have conjured up or a Model portraying something that is not really what she is into. Honesty and communication are two major things with me, right along with manners. I have no use for “loser” types, but prefer the intelligent and hard working submissive men or sissy who knows that serving a Goddess like myself and enhancing her financial welfare is part of their purpose in life.

I want to be proud of you! That is important for you to understand. Once I take you under my guidance and control your kinky life, everything you do will be for me and to bring honor to me. You become mine in more then just one sense of the word. I want to see you advance, become better, grow in both your financial ability to serve as well as in your submission to me.

Those I consider mine are Gentleman and / or gentile sissies who know how to show respect to women period. Tat is all women including their GF’s or Wife. I have no use for “better then your GF idiots” in my Harem and Hisem of devotees. Men who dis their women in real life, have no ability to truly worship a woman like myself.

Sacrifice is something you will have to be willing to make. I am worth it and I know I am worth it. You will learn to put me before your other fun spending, and to cut back on some frivolous stuff in order to tribute better to me. You will learn to not only adore me, but love me in a deep and selfless way. I will become your alpha and omega, the woman you can’t wait to come “home” to and be noticed by.

I believe in rewarding those who have earned their rewards and they are given ONLY when I feel they are warranted. I am very generous in my attention to the right type of pet, and those are the ones who always put me before their selfish needs. I also believe in disciplining and punishing when necessary to teach you what is not acceptable and assure you will not make the same mistake again. I am the ultimate female authority figure and return you the full grown men into the mental state of the obedient boy before the WOMAN lording it over him. As it should be.

Financial Domination and Fetish is not for men who have a problem with making financial sacrifices, contributions to what I desire and need, or in general spoiling me as it should be. Broke men, men with a lack of financial stability or the ability to enhance my life. Nor is it for immature boys who think that financial domination is all about them and their cocks. I’ll control your cock as much as your wallet, but belief me that your cock is of very little consequence or interest to me unless you have pleased me first.

Goddess first always That is the mantra you will come to live by and enjoy chanting as you find yourself at my feet and in my presence. Your favorite and sincere phrase to utter daily will be “How may I please and spoil my Goddess today?” You will find much pleasure and comfort in knowing just how to do it right when I grant you my answer.

You have two ways to approach me and make yourself known to me and two ways only.

Either for your fetish boys via my FemDom, FinDomme and Erotic Puppeteer Niteflirt listing where you’ll start your journey with me at $5.99 a minute and will be trained and drained according to my mood and your ability to keep me interested in you. I may raise the rate, demand further tributes during our conversations or place you on ignore if you fail to amuse. Be aware that this is all about pleasing me and you being my sweet little fool.

Or for those who are looking for a more long term and sincere Findom D/s relationship with me and are truly looking of becoming one of my bitch boys, pets, finsubs and pets, via my email

Introduce yourself to me politely and tell me a little about yourself. Not just a long list of fetishes and kinks or cock dribbling Bs, but you as the person whom I will control if you are fortunate enough. Tell me what you bring to my table and for goodness sake be honest. I dislike nothing more than liars and fabricated BS. Absolutely NO copy and paste BS. Use your manners and intelligence. Show me that you are worthy of my attention and your sincerity as well. I shouldn’t need to ask you for a tribute either, you should already be willing and eager to do that at first contact to let me know that you are sincere in wishing to serve me. I enjoy Giftrocket GC made out to anywhere, GC and you can always send me a tribute via niteflirt as well. If you have done well I will respond and we begin to have a nice little email exchange to get to know one another.  Be patient and honest at all times. You are on Goddess time and it is up to you to show me that you are someone worth interacting with and having. Treat me like the Lady I am and you’ll get a lot further then thinking you know what I want to hear. If I am pleased and you have shown me just how eager you are, I will switch you to Skype Sessions and Text Chats as I please. The better you are for me the more contact options you’ll gain with me. Be smart, be eager, and be generous. Goddess only deserves the best.

Goddess Bella Donna