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A new Patreon Post for Giantess lovers

My Giantess seems to have a mind of her own!

I have to tell you that my Giantess who is the star in my upcoming book seems to have a mind of her own.

Yes, typical larger then life attitude, and that Wench is taking over my writing. As in literally just using my hands to type out what she wants.

I was planning on yet another Short Story Anthology, with various Giantess Fetish Fiction Stories, but then it happened.

I was doing my laundry of all things when suddenly I got that urge to write down what came to my mind. I have been writing long enough now to always keep a notebook and a pen in my purse, for just those times.

I also know that when your characters want to “speak” and your muse is giving you those nice long slow kisses (mmmm ) you don’t argue. You take out that journal and pen and just start writing.

So I did and what started to form on my journal was the following:

The “birth” of a Giantess remembered!

If you’d like to preview this first chapter of the book you can do so by becoming a patron on my Patreon page. This one is set for all Patrons which means even a small $1 or $2.00 pledge will give you access to it.

Visit my Patreon page to make your pledge and enjoy today!


Goddess Bella Donna



Won’t you become my Patron?

Won’t you become my Patron?

Free Youtube Clip for you to enjoy!

Goddess Bella Donna’s Patreon Page Introduction


I hope you enjoyed seeing me. Nothing better then someone telling you about it “face to face” even if it is via a screen. If you’d like to support my writing and gain hot stories, MP3’s and the occasional clip as a thank you for being a supportive fan you can do this by visiting: and make a pledge! Remember there are several tiers. So even those among you who can’t afford a lot can become one of my Patrons.

The more pledges I receive the more content I will add.

Goddess Bella Donna


Do you enjoy reading my stories?

Do you enjoy reading my stories?

Branching out to a new Venue with Rewards for my Patrons of the written word!

Announcement – Please read carefully and consider becoming a supporter by making your pledge today!

Hello my naughty ones!

I love to write! That shouldn’t come as a surprise to you I am sure and I am in the process of branching out beyond my regular fare of fetish, femdom as well as erotic fiction I have been writing for years.

If you have taken a moment to read my blog post “Once upon a time I will make all my dreams come true” on you got a little bit of a background to my love of writing and my plans for the future.

What is probably more interesting and hopefully exciting for you personally so is that I have decided to start a Patreon Page in which I am and will continue to post a lot of my older fetish stories as well as several new and upcoming exclusive for my Patrons Stories there as well.

I know a lot of you are on a somewhat tighter budget these days or have grown a bit sick of the technical difficulties on some of the Venues I use when attempting to purchase one of my written Stories. Several of you have reached out to me and made your frustrations with that heard to me personally. I can assure you, that it is just as frustrating to me as it is to you.

So I have decided to give myself a new outlet to bring my stories to you and it gives you the opportunity to read some of my content which shows my branching out into the more Paranormal Fiction world as well.

The minimum Pledge amount to gain access to my Patron only content is $5.00 a month, and there are several different pledge tiers available that come with very specific and I think awesome rewards for you.

Many of my new and upcoming Stories will become available via the Patreon Option only in written content, and I will sell it in the Audio Recording Version on Clips4Sale and /or Niteflirt (depending on topic matter).

Further more I have planned on adding Audios for my Patrons on Patreon as well who shall gain access to those with a minimum pledge of $25.00 a month. The more pledges I get the more Audios and Stories I will release there. There are even a couple of Pledge Options in which you get to have a say in what type of Fetish Story content I release, as well as become a Creative Chat and Muse Partner to me as well.

I know that for some of you being part of the creation process is a lot of fun, so that is an option for you to indulge in and enjoy.

Any time you see this banner appear on an announcement of a new Story from me here, it means that it has been added in written format to my Patreon Page for my Patrons to enjoy as well.

Not only that however, but you’ll see some exclusive for Patreon blog posts emerge as well on my Page there, in which I share a little bit about my writing process, teases of upcoming things I am working on and more.

Another wonderful and somewhat intimate way for you to become part of my creative world, and one in which you can make a big difference.

Even if you can’t afford to spend $5.00 and up a month in pledge amount, but just want to support my creative process (every dollar pledged gives me more time to write and create for you) you can always Pledge as little as $1.00 just to let me know you are a Fan of mine.

I appreciate it! None of it is ever taken for granted by me, and it will make me smile to know that you are supporting this dream of mine to branch out further into the literary world.

There you go! Take a look and if you feel inspired to do so, please become a Patron of my written Art at Patreon today!


Goddess Bella Donna