Sissy’s first day in strict Miss Catherina’s Household.

A new Audio Recording for sissy’s who’d love to serve a strict Miss! This is not Sissy’s first time serving in a Household, but it is a far cry from the position she held with her former Mistress. Sissy was more of a pet and a little sex doll when […]

A new Patreon Post for Giantess lovers

My Giantess seems to have a mind of her own! I have to tell you that my Giantess who is the star in my upcoming book seems to have a mind of her own. Yes, typical larger then life attitude, and that Wench is taking over my writing. As in […]

Won’t you become my Patron?

Won’t you become my Patron? Free Youtube Clip for you to enjoy! Goddess Bella Donna’s Patreon Page Introduction   I hope you enjoyed seeing me. Nothing better then someone telling you about it “face to face” even if it is via a screen. If you’d like to support my writing […]

Do you enjoy reading my stories?

Do you enjoy reading my stories? Branching out to a new Venue with Rewards for my Patrons of the written word! Announcement – Please read carefully and consider becoming a supporter by making your pledge today! Hello my naughty ones! I love to write! That shouldn’t come as a surprise […]