Your tiny cock brings out the sadist in me!

SPH and sadistic musing MP3 by Goddess Bella Donna I often hear small penis boys ask me what I think when I see their tiny cocks. Most of the time I have to be “kind” and censor it a little. Wouldn’t want to scare you too much and hurt your […]

You are a pretty sissy mind wash

You are a pretty sissy mind wash Audio Recording for pretty sissies by Goddess Bella Donna You are a pretty sissy. You love being a pretty sissy. You love wearing pretty panties. You love wearing sexy high heels. You love wearing silky stockings. You are a good gurl for Goddess […]

Repetitive mind wash for cock loving sissies!

Repetitive mind wash for cock loving sissies! A new mental conditioning Audio by Goddess Bella Donna It’s time to wash your mind with repetitive phrases for cock loving sissy bitches. Play it on loop! Format: MP3 Length: 3min. Price: $5.00 USD This MP3 is available  for purchase via:   Niteflirt […]

3 Mini Stroke and Chant Audios

3 Mini Stroke and Chant Audios Quickie Audio Fun for my little jerk off puppets! These are a Niteflirt Exclusive only!   Stroke and Chant for SPH #1 Goddess gives you a 2 sentence humiliating and small dicked wanker acceptance mantra several times at the beginning of this audio so […]

The Goddess Test

The Goddess Test FemDom Fetish Fable Audio When the Seeker comes to finally meet the Goddess after one year of wooing her via phone, email and chat without ever as much as seeing an image of her in order to gain a real time position at her feet, he undergoes […]

It’s time for Satanmas Celebration in Hell!

Twisted wicked doomed sinner fetish Holiday Audio It’s celebration time in Hell and you are the Entertainment While all the religious people above on Earth gear up to celebrate the birth of the Fag Jesus born to the Whore Mary and the Cuckold Joseph, Satan is gearing up for his […]

Wicked Feeder Weight Gain Fetish Audio

The Devil Woman and your fat sow Doom! A wicked Feeder Weight Gain Fetish Audio with a doomed ending! All you really wanted was a little late night snack. Not that you needed it, but let’s face it you are a gluttonous being who loves to eat rich decadent foods. […]

The exposure call to your wife sissy faggot

The call you never want me to make pimped out “blackmailed” sissy faggot! Exposed, pimped out, blackmailed fantasy fetish Audio Recording   What a fool you were sissy faggot. Playing on the edge, taking those risks and signing that pimped out sissy faggot blackmail contract. I warned you from the […]

Doom of the Fag Sissy Loser on Skid Row

Disturbing and extremely humiliating Audio Recording Get your ruination, self-destruction and sissy fag doom fix today! Warning – extremely disturbing and humiliating!!! This is not for the average gentle cock addicted fag sissy, but only for the really doom loving depraved and utterly lost in a world of disgusting unsafe […]

Zombie Puppet Witch Mind fuck

Zombie Puppet Witch Mind fuck and Zombie Puppet Spell MP3 I am fucking your mind until you can no longer think for yourself at all. This dual Layer Audio will rob you of your senses. In the top layer I tell you about the Witches all around you. How we will get under […]