Wicked hungry Giantess gives you a terrible choice to make!

Giantess Vore, shrinking and penectomy mind fuck!

Having you make that choice is downright evil, poor little man!

Your wicked Giantess is so very hungry and talks about shrinking you down and devouring you with cheese. Which cheese should I use with you? Gouda, Swiss or Harvati, I debate as I sample the different cheese and taunt you about being the little man meat filling to go with them.

Finally I get so hungry that I want to have you right then and there, but looking at your scared face I decide to give you a terrible choice. You can either let me penectomize you and have a little of you now, bring me 2 male victims a day to shrink and devour, and live another 30 days, or I’ll have you just now. What will you do? Your wicked hungry Giantess has truly given you a terrible choice to make!

Category: MIND FUCK


Keywords: Goddess Bella Donna, BBW Giantess Bella Donna, Wicked Giantess, Cheese and little man sna, penectomy to live longer, terrible choices, Giantess Fantasy

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