The many facets of Goddess Bella Donna

I have never been a one trick pony!

There are many facets to this mature woman!

Hello darlings,

there is a misconception in the world  that once a woman is one thing she can’t ever be anything else or more. People in general begin to see us as a one dimensional being. To be fair that often goes for men as well, but since I am a proud woman I am going to keep it with my own gender. I am not now nor ever have been a male in this lifetime, so I really don’t feel I can speak for you guys out there in that respect.

I have personally experienced this silliness many times. The moment you use classifications like FinDomme or FemDom, it suddenly seems as if you can’t possibly be anything else. The assumption is that there is nothing else to me, and even more irritating the false assumption that we are all the same. Cookie cutter versions of one another with the only difference being how we look. Newsflash folks we didn’t come stamped out of some bizarre mold from a manufacturing line. We are (at least in most cases) first and foremost human beings, which makes us 4 Dimensional and multi-facet

Of course I will cut you some slack since a lot of women who do classify them-selves as those things tend to not allow you to see any other part of their personality or life. Everything is colored to keep your illusion about her alive. I am not saying it’s wrong to do that, in many cases it’s necessary to protect them-selves in our crazy world, but it makes it a lot harder for the onlooker to see them as more than what they represent them-selves as.

For good or ill, it’s a very limited view you receive. You can’t really form a true picture of just how amazing this woman really is. It keeps things firmly rooted in your illusion and fantasy about her, which then results in you worshiping an imaginary being rather then the living Goddess, strong woman, and amazing human being she probably is.

I am fortunate enough and have been able to live my life authentically in all aspects without having to hide who I am. I have a strong personality that says: You can either like me for who I am or go and kiss my ass. I don’t need people who can’t see me and accept me for who I am in my life.

It wasn’t always easy, it took courage at first, you’ll lose a lot of people in your life when you stop trying to be something for everyone else. That however is no way to live for long. So yes I lost a lot of what I thought were friends, lost family etc. In the end it was better for all of us.

I am a lot of different things in my life. I am a proud Mother of adult children whom I am very protective over. I am a Grandmother of a child I may never get to hold in person. I  have been the life partner of a man from whom I am currently separated from for 18 years. I am no stranger to long term commitment. I was married once before and was in that marriage for 12 years before getting a divorce. I don’t enter into relationships lightly and I don’t leave them on a whim. I am extremely loyal to those who deserve it and who hold my heart. If I love you there is very little I won’t do for you as long as I am able to. I take promises very serious. It takes an emergency for me to break a promise.

I am college educated, an Immigrant into this Country for 28 years now. I am a published Author, an Artisan, Adult Content Producer, and a Professional / Lifestyle BDSM Mistress with 25 years of experience,. I am a Financial Dominatrix as well. I am a Fetish Queen, a Phonesex Operator in the FemDom and Fetish Categories. I have had formal training, was a submissive for a while in order to learn and then for a short period in a Lifestyle relationship. Both showing me clearly that I am not a submissive type of personality and that to me it turns into something very different.I will never go there again.

I am a Pagan, a Satanist, as Witch, an Energy Worker, a Shadow Walker and Pranic Vampire, I am a Erotic Puppeteer, a Craftwoman, a Life Coach and Spiritual Guide.

I consider myself a sacred woman and living Goddess. I fully embrace my femininity and the feminine Mysteries. I have been a Cuckoldress in the past.

I am a Cancer survivor once and am now dealing with cancer in my uturus. I will come out of that as well and be just fine. I have survived 2 Heart attacks when I was much younger. I am not just a survivor, but a strong woman that will face and overcome any obstacle life throws at me.

As I say I hold a PHD from the University of life, and a Masters from the School of hard knocks. I have no sympathy for poor me personalities. We all have gone through tough times, nobodies life is easy.

I hold no ancestral guild and refuse to be guilt tripped. I am unapologetic about being who I am and how I live my life.

I believe in personal responsibility and realize that we often bring bad things on to ourselves. We can’t blame that on other people. NONE of us choose what we were born to be, we didn’t get a say in it, so I refuse to be held accountable for something I had no control over. Don’t like it? Deal with it, that’s on you.

I have a very low to no threshold for stupidity and drama. I am blunt and outspoken, but it comes from a good place and I don’t try to be cruel on purpose unless it is in a consensual Humiliation and debasement session. That’s different, the person is asking for it there and gets off on it. That is something very different.

I believe in actions have reactions and that truth is a matter of perspective in many ways. We all see things differently and believe that we are right

I am a rape and mutilation survivor and have counseled women in the past about it.

I have lived with being bi-polar since I was 8 years old and have learned to live with it and be a productive and accomplished part of society. I don’t take medication for it – I am able to control it on my own, but I never think Ill of those who need medical help to stay sane and stable.If you need the help you take it. I learned techniques that allow me to not need the pharmaceutical help.

I lost a child to SID and had a still birth. Yes I know what devastating loss feels like and it made me a lot more sympathetic to other people’s pain.

I am 47 years old now and life has made me who I am. I became stronger with each year, but I do have days when even I need help. We all do It doesn’t make you any less worthy or weak. We all have moments when we just need a good word or a hug.

I can be a Bitch but I am the type of Bitch that is fun and has a strong inner core. I am very rarely a cunt, you really have had to push and push for a long time before that gets triggered in me, and in most cases I have walked away long before it ever gets to that point.

I have my own personal brand of crazy and I honestly believe that none of us are really “Normal” whatever that is.

By nature I am a very positive person and I love to laugh. I look for the silver lining in everything and most of time I can find it. I focus on the good much more than on the bad.

I enjoy getting to know people, but I rarely waste my time with those who are just out to waste my time and who have nothing of value to offer to me. My life is busy and often hectic in a way, so the time I have available for others is spend with those I enjoy.

When I say NO it means no, not maybe. I am however not unreasonable and get the facts first before I deny something.

I can have a temper if attacked repeatedly, but I rarely allow others the pleasure of witnessing it. I don’t give up MY CONTROL to others and I am a firm believer of having to be able to control yourself before controlling others.

I don’t do drugs, and I very rarely drink a glass of wine. Smoking is my vice and by that I mean cigarettes, but I can stop when and if I want to. I enjoy smoking but have gone for months at stretches of a time without.

I am very priority oriented and focused on my goals. I don’t allow things or people to get in my way. I don’t believe in impossible, if you want something badly enough there is always a way to get it. You just have to be willing to do what it takes and that often means extremely hard work at times and even sacrifice when necessary.

I believe in abundance, there is enough for everyone.

I am the woman who tries to have a good word for most people, because I know how tough life can be. Especially people in the service industry.

I am an Ex-Military wife and a military Mom I understand how hard it is on Service People and their families. I honor and am grateful for they sacrifice.

Those are only a few things about me, but I think they serve to demonstrate that there is a lot more to me then just a sexy mind and being a FemDom or FinDomme.

I’m a good woman who is a bad girl at heart and enjoys being wicked and kinky I try to be a decent human being but like all of you I will make mistakes and never be perfect. Life is a journey and I am on it

As I said a long way up, you can either get to know me and like me for who I am, or you can stay out of my life. I won’t chase after you

I don’t believe in taking other people’s word or view point of someone else. I am more than capable to make up my own mind and I can think just fine for myself. I am not a follower but a leader in my own right. I will never blindly follow a herd for the sake of popularity. To me that is the height of stupidity. I know that in everything there are at least 2 sides to every story and often there are things that will remain hidden.

Treat me with respect and courtesy and I will do the same for you. Talk shit to me and you are ignored and gone. I know what I am worth and your opinions of me don’t dictate how I feel about myself. You don’t have that power over me.

I am not empowered , I am power flat and simple. It’s the best way I can explain it.

If you want to get to know me, then you either call me or interact with me in a casual manner. My time is not free when it comes to kink and fetishes That is both my passion and my career, you are not special enough to be an exception

There you have, as you can see there are many facets to me, and if you are part of my life you can consider yourself lucky and honored. It takes a good personality and being a decent person who is intelligent, hard working and ambitious in your own right to make it into my life as a permanent feature. I have no time for petty jealousies or over the top entitlement without merit.

Now you know what you are dealing with ahead of time. As they say, the ball is in  your court.

Goddess Bella Donna