Looking for a good boot and High Heel buyer bitch!

A new boot and / or High Heel buyer bitch position is now open!

Looking for a few good boys who enjoy buying boots or High Heels for Me to film in!

I love boots and high heels, but until recently I just didn’t have the space to put them anywhere. That was a major downside with My Rving, but since I am going to be living in Montana in a 2 Bedroom house until March of 2018 and maybe longer, I have decided to indulge in my love and fetish for boots and High Heels again. Of course I am planning on sharing it with you via brand new Clips and Photo Sets once you buy them for Me. I think it should be your privilege and honor to provide Me with the delicious foot wear I desire. After all you love seeing them on Me.

This opens up a couple of positions for those among you who adore purchasing boots and high heels for a Goddess. A Shoe Fetish lovers and slaves dream come true especially since there is a reward in it for you as well. I do believe in rewarding your generosity when it comes to that.

So here is how it works with Me:

You should be able and purchase a minimum of 2 pairs of High Heels or 1 pair of boots every 2 Weeks for Me. If you have a good taste that matches with Mine (I have to love them and enjoy wearing them obviously) you can even spend some time with me helping Me to find them on the Internet and help picking them out. So you get to spend time with Me, of course you have to show Me that you are actually able to follow through and will be required to apply for this position with an initial tribute ($50 E-Certificate or Cash Tribute).

Now that isn’t all, even so that is more then enough I think! You will be permitted to either watch Me on Cam while I try them on when they first arrive and be the first to see the shoes or boots you bought for Me on Me, or I can film it for you if your and my schedule don’t work well together time wise. YES, you will be the first to see what you bought for Me which means exclusive to you content.

For those who can afford it, I’ll even allow you to purchase the WORN by Me shoes you have purchased for your personal worship box after I am tired of them. What a special treat. You need to obligate yourself to being my boot or high heel buying bitch / slave for a minimum of 3 months. Longer if we both enjoy it and love spending the time shoe or boot shopping together. Having a good time and fun with it is VERY IMPORTANT TO ME.

To give you a small idea of what kind of foot wear I enjoy you can take a look at My wishlist for now. I have already added a few but will be adding more soon. Once we have established a rapport and I see you are not just talk, we will start shopping on a lot of different websites together

You should be able to afford a minimum of $100 every 2 Weeks for this position which is not overly much. We can discuss specifics and various arrangements once you have made initial contact with the initial $50 tribute to me at goddess@femdomfetishcontentforsale.com

Since I want to do all kinds of different fetish clips again, you may even get the opportunity to DRESS ME for them in other categories if your budget allows.

Please don’t apply if you are not sincere and are not sure you can obligate yourself and follow through for the 3 months minimum.

Goddess Bella Donna