Hollydom and Hollysub Season annual warning

Hollydom and Hollysub Season annual warning

Don’t get this twisted boys and ghouls!

It’s the Season to get irritated, pissy, catty, annoying and other such less then joyful adjectives. It happens every single Year, starting with Halloween and ending sometime in January. It’s the Holiday Season and with it emerge the Hollydoms and hollysubs. Those are people who only come out in time for the Holidays to get a quick buck in or to attempt to get a bargain sale wank off. With other words they are not dedicated to one or the other side of the kink, and are just trying to take advantage of an opportunity.

The fur is going to fly even more than usual on the Internet and many of us more seasoned people sit back and just shake our heads. We been here so many times, it’ has just become standard  fare for us to witness now. Let the Holiday madness begin, but don’t assume it will last and that you have found THE ONE from the sudden emergence of peeps. They’ll be gone again as soon as the Holidays are over and by then they are as sick as can be of all this JAZZ.  Why you ask? Because they were never really into it to begin with. It’s just a little game they play and can sustain for so long.

Is it right or wrong? Who can say, everyone has the right to try to get their Holiday Money, so I am not overly mad about it, hate the Game not the players. They fill a niche in the market too, as long as everyone is on the same page it’ll be ok. The guys are no more serious then the chicks are. Each leeching off the other and each out for their own agenda, no different then the rest, it’s only short term and with less experience.

What does concern me however is that along with that sadly it’s also the Pedophiles Dream Time. Every year more and more under aged girls come into the online scene and are trying to get their slice of the pie. Most of them hide their real age, but if you are clever enough you can see by the way they talk and by their overall appearance that they aren’t even the minimum age yet. That minimum age by the way legally is 18 or 21 depending on where you live. Different places (Countries) different rules.

It really concerns me that so many guys don’t give a damn that they are screwing around with essentially a child. Sorry kiddos, but under 18 you are legally considered children, which means that every guy you do your little sexy sexy with is now officially on the bad boy list if caught by the FBI or equivalent Law Enforcement Agency dealing with minors and sex crimes.

Congratulations, if you get caught boys, you will be labeled a Pedophile and if picked up by the authorities go on trial for sex crimes against minors. Not a pretty thing to have on your records. Kiss your life and reputation good bye. Loss of job, freedom, reputation, family and other such important things will be in your future.

It boggles my mind that you don’t get 3 things through your head.
#1 Anything under 18 years of age is a no no. Even looking at her pictures or chatting with her on Webcam in any sort of sexual or kinky conversation, other sexual minded interaction is considered Child Pornography.

#2 There are task forces out there who have people posing as minors pretending to be adults. The Holidays are a prime time for these task forces to attempt to fish for morons like that, and get them off the streets. Guess what I am cheering for them actually. No child should ever enter the sex industry even if they are willing to do it. Wait until you are a fucking adult at least.

#3 You are dealing in the SEX INDUSTRY, ADULT INDUSTRY, and provide SEXWORK. The moment material goods and / or money exchange hands you have just done the business of being in the sexwork business. You will be held accountable under those laws and be tried under them too if arrested. That goes for you children as well, only now you are also putting your Parents or legal Guardians into danger. Use your damn brains.

As long as they are over 18 I don’t care. Yes I wish you would spent a little actually time learning about what you are doing, but many women have gotten into the Business without former training these last 10 or so years now. You’ll learn as you go, just try to stay safe and keep those you are commanding safe as well. I believe in the guys having accountability over their own actions as well, so no free pass there. Outside of that, you are here today and gone tomorrow, no skin of my back.

I don’t have the time or energy to worry about what other ADULT WOMEN are doing. My plate is full with my business, my life, my goals etc. I really don’t concern myself all that much with any of you, but I am concerned about minors, and yes we the WOMEN and MEN of the Industry do need to police ourselves when it comes to that.

So guys, please I know those little girls are “hot” to you, their bodies are flawless still and oh my god are they easy to manipulate and impress, they are the perfect little puppet dommes and findommes for you to get your kicks on, but they are CHILDREN. It’s sick in the head. If you can’t wait until a woman is at least 18 or even better yet 21 before you pull your dicks out and jerk off to them, you may want to get your head examined. Let me tell you again, it’s not worth your dick getting off if you get caught

As they say: 16 gets you 20! That is 20 years in Prison. Still find it so enticing?

Ok that is enough for today. You have been warned once again, I do it every year and those who should listen never do, but I keep hoping that at least those who don’t think about it and get caught up in it unaware because all their blood is in their dicks instead of in the head above their shoulders, will be a little more careful

Happy Holiday Season from a seasoned

FemDom FinDomme Goddess

Goddess Bella Donna