Goddess Bella Donna’s Nov 1st 2017 Newsletter

Hello Puppets, Minions, Darlings and accidental Browsers,

It’s time for a little update. On Saturday September 29th I was interviewed by MistressC69 and her owned sissy slave Cupcakelove on xxxpornstarradio.com. I have to tell you it was a lot of fun, and we had some fun chuckles together. For those of you who missed the live radio broadcast you can still find it and listen to it by clicking here!

It was an absolute pleasure to be their special guest for the show and I am looking forward to next time.

I have been working on updating my various venues as much as possible for the last couple of weeks and released a lot of new and classic content for you to indulge yourself in. You can find the content on Niteflirt, IwantClips, and my 3 Studios on Clips4Sale. I have even added some new content on TalktoMe as well. I’ll throw all the links on the bottom for those of you who would rather browse by Venue then by Media Type.

A little Wednesday Motivation Classic Goddess Bella Donna Pic Pack was released today via Niteflirt as a per pic set and via IwantClips as an animated GIF. (So far that seems to be the only way I can put Pic Packs out for sale on IwantClips).

Here is a little preview of what you can get. The Pic Pack or the Animate Gif is $10.00

Niteflirt Option (5 Pics individual as pack) Buy from GoddessBellaDonna through Niteflirt.com

IwantClips Option (As animated Gif – like you are seeing in preview just larger sized and slower)

My trip to Montana is right around the corner now.

I’ll be leaving on Saturday November 4th. I am really excited about this trip. Not only because I’ll have my surgery taken care of and out of the way, but because I’ll get to spend some quality time with my Missy Imp while being there. Perhaps some of you special pets get a chance to spoil Me and my daughter Missy Imp with some gifts from a special wishlist I will be creating and / or some cash gifts. I know how much you adore spoiling the Goddess and her Crown Princess.

I have decided that I will set away 3 days during my stay for Cashpoint Meets and Fetish Session / Meet ups while I am there. So if you are in Missoula or can travel to Missoula Montana in November / December 2017 and want to have the honor of meeting with me in person, getting a fetish real-time session with me or be a good little cash piggy and do a Cashpoint Meet with me send an email to goddess@femdomfetishcontentforsale.com for more information. Just so you know, I do not set any appointments without a deposit. Don’t even argue with me about it, it’s standard practice.

For those of you who are interested, I am a little disappointed. My travel fund and the stay expenses have not been fully funded (tributed for) by you yet. There is a remaining balance of $500 that still needs to be covered. I’d love to see that taken care of by you boys and puppets – stat. You can use any of the cash tribute options on this Page.

Return of the satanic Goddess? Well for one she never left, if you paid attention I had given my dark side it’s place on Clips4Sale Studio Obey your satanic Goddess (click here) and have still permitted calls to my Roleplaying listing on Niteflirt (click here) for my sinner puppets. Now however I have opened up a dedicated listing for my dark minions, sinful puppets and other dark fetish lovers on IwantClips the phone option (click here) and of course have already started to release some content on the IwantClips Studio (click here).¬†

Make sure you check my blog here and the inboxes on various venues regularly for more dark fetish, satanic Goddess, sintastic and enabling content in November. I am sure I’ll have plenty of wicked ideas while I am in Montana which I’ll record, write out and even film. So stay tuned my naughty darklings.

Sadly I’ll be closing down my Patreon¬† Page in December of 2017. For one they are starting to crack down more on adult content and secondly there just doesn’t seem to be enough interest from you boys and sissies in becoming a patron. It’s not a problem, I will just start selling my stories as I always have via a per story option instead of giving you the cheaper Patreon Opportunity. I have already informed my active Pledges to withdraw their pledges by the end of November. I thought it was a wonderful idea, but it just didn’t pan out the way I hoped.

I have been asked when I’ll start doing Webcam Sessions again. All I can tell you at this moment is that I am planning to as soon as I am fully recovered. I will start doing Webcam Sessions twice a week. It will be available via “iwantclips” only. I’ll give you more information on this when I feel I am ready. So please be patient and enjoy my clips and other content in the meantime.

I am planning on doing a lot more public appearances and real time Pro-sessions again in 2018. I will make sure that I’ll notify you well ahead of time when the opportunities will become available. So make sure you stay tuned in to my Newsletters or blog post announcements.

Now for those links I promised you:

IwantClips – Content for sale

IwantClips – Phone Listings

TalktoMe – Content for Sale

Niteflirt Goodies Page
Clips4Sale – Erotic Audios Studio
Clips4Sale – Goddess Bella Donna Fat, Mature and Fabulous Studio
Clips4Sale – Obey your satanic Goddess Studio

Well there you go darlings! I hope you have a wonderful November and I’ll talk to you all (or at you depending if we speak live on one of the phone sex platforms or not) again soon.


Goddess Bella Donna