I want, you want, we want …..

There’s been a whole lot of wanting going around lately!!!

Goddess is adding a new to her Venue for Content Sale (Clips, Audios, PDF and Pics) as well as Phone!

Goddess just joined – the “I want” Franchise

Hello darlings!

Guess who is expanding her online Empire again. Yes, yours truly and this time I think you’ll really love the new option I am adding. I have a personal rule of not jumping on anything that hasn’t been around for a bit and proven itself to have staying power. (Sorry cuckies, I know that was kind of mean to mention, but you know how it is!!!).

I’ve been watching and waiting for a bit now, seeing if the “I Want” Franchise was going to show itself to have the staying power and integrity I require in a Venue I add to my tools to bring my content and of course voice to your home, cars, bedrooms and other dwelling places. (Yes, my little closet dwellers, your closet you are still hiding in counts too!).

So I have joint the “I want” Franchise.

Three ways to get your Goddess Bella Donna fix

  • Content Studio where you can purchase my clips, audio recordings, PDF’s and Pictures
  • Phone – Talk to me Live via one of the various Listings
  • Order customized clips and audio recordings from me

It’s a work in progress!

The Phone lines are set up and ready for your calls. Click here to be taken to the correct Phone Page and you can pick your listing from there.

So far I have 5 Listings set up, but as I learn all the rules and regulations there I will be adding a few more I am sure.

Oh and darlings, you will notice that for the first time I am giving you the chance to call me to be ignored.

I set that as the lowest priced listing. Do make sure you understand what being ignored means!

From the Phone Page you will see links that take you to the Content Studio. You also will see an option to go to my Custom Content Order Form.

In order to make it easier on you from the start just click the links below to the option you want and bookmark it.

Phone – Click here

Content for sale Studio – Click here

Custom Content Order Form – Click here


The Phone and Custom Content Order Form Sections are fully set up and ready for you to enjoy.

My Content for sale Studio has a few items in it so far and is open for you to indulge in. It takes a little bit of time to get content added, so keep checking back often.

At the moment I have added a mixture of “Classic Goddess Bella Donna” and new Content. I am thinking of adding some of my archived items to this Studio. When purchasing those you need to remember that many of them are older and won’t have the visual Quality you get these days. I think of them as retro – fun.

Go check out what’s already there now! Click here!

For my darling pets, cash slaves, pay pigs and devoted puppets you can now use the Tribute Option on the Sidebar and if you want to be a sweet boy or sissy when purchasing one of my items you can use the Markup option “Good boys please me”. It will do a 50% markup to whatever you purchase. Of course that is optional, but you do so love to make your Goddess smile!

Isn’t this the best news? I am excited that is for sure. You never know I may start caming in a couple of months as well. I’ll keep you posted on that one. Now you can enjoy me on yet another Venue / Platform and I can enjoy playing with and making use of you. I’d call that a fantastic development!


Goddess Bella Donna

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