Sissy’s first day in strict Miss Catherina’s Household.

A new Audio Recording for sissy’s who’d love to serve a strict Miss!

This is not Sissy’s first time serving in a Household, but it is a far cry from the position she held with her former Mistress. Sissy was more of a pet and a little sex doll when she served before, but in Miss Catherina’s household there were very strict and service oriented duties. This is Sissy’s first day in the strict Lady’s household and already she is learning just how different her life will be. At first, of course, this is challenging Sissy’s ego and feelings, but soon enough she realizes that she enjoys being controlled and treated so strictly.

This sissy fiction Audio Story contains the following Topics: Humiliation, Sub Conditioning, Chastity, Emasculation, Electro Play – Control, Oral Servitude, and explanation of duties. There are some mentions of sissy on male service as part of the duty outlines, but is not required in this story.

Length: 44 min.
Format: MP3

Keywords: goddess bella donna, sub conditioning, electro play, electro cbt control, oral servitude, sissy duties, mind fuck, feminization, sissy servant, sissy assistant, strict miss, emasculation, femdom fetish
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