Oh Montana I’ll be there soon!

Goddess Bella Donna’s Travel and general updates!

BBW Goddess Bella Donna Hello my loyal darlings and accidental browsers!

It’s almost time for me to get on the road to Montana where I’ll be staying for anywhere from 3 Weeks to a couple months. All depending on how things fall into place. I won’t be in my RV this time. Gypsy (my RV) will stay here in Las Vegas for this trip. Instead I will be picked up by Missy the Imp and will be staying with her for the duration.

Let’s back the RV up for a second so. Didn’t Goddess just arrive in Las Vegas the end of September and now she is taking off already again? Without her RV at that? What’s going on?

For those of you who are out of the loop of what has been going on, here is a quick recap.

Take a look at that big round belly of mine. Sticks out quiet a bit right? If I was standing up in a side view and bottomless you’d notice that there is a rather large hump at the top part of my belly (which is what you always see) and then it slops in to a less larger tummy on the bottom.

Not the ideal way of explaining it, but the best I can without actually showing you. It’s a rather large difference really and caused by a huge fibroid which apparently has been growing inside of my uterus for several years. The going joke still is that I am pregnant with Alien Twins and that their incubation period is about to come to an end.

Now I had NO IDEA about any of this until the weekend before July 4th, when I was taken via Ambulance to the ER due to some severe upper abdominal pains. Long story short. They found out I had Ulcers (hell I think most of us do these days) and that I am severely anemic. As they were running tests they noticed something wrong in my uterus, which led to more tests and the discovery of this fibroid.

Color me one surprised woman! I probably shouldn’t have been since I have been suffering for years from some serious pains during those happy days of the month when Aunt Flow is in town. Not to mention that my fat was a bit selective of where on my stomach it wanted to sit. As a good friend of my pointed out.. Lady nobody gets fat only in that spot and the rest stays reasonably the same. Well hell, here I sought I was just fat, mature and fabulous. Go figure!

BBW Goddess Bella Donna End result I need to have the fibroid surgically removed. You know it better as getting a hysterectomy. Oh and there is no need for hysterics… see what I did there???¬† I am not one bit afraid of it. Matter of fact I can’t wait to have it done and over with. It’ll be nice to be the improved version of my BBW self , instead of being a BBW with a build in shelf!

Yes, I have been cracking jokes about myself ever since I found out. That’s not all so.

In preparation for the surgery and in order to heal the Ulcers I been having some extreme diet changes and lifestyle changes.

I stopped smoking (at least for the time being. Haven’t decided if I’ll smoke again after I heal. I enjoy smoking, it’s a fetish for me, but it doesn’t control my life. So yes, for me smoking is actually a choice.)

I stopped drinking soda, wine and coffee. I have stopped eating pork and meat, and have switched to eating chicken, turkey and fish as far as meat products go. Otherwise lots of vegetables and other good for you items. White Bread switched to whole grain or multi-grain bread instead. Ice-Cream to frozen Yogurt, and other then that besides the occasional splurging I am keeping my calorie intake between 1200 to 1800 a day.

I walk daily (sometimes twice a day) and when I can exercise in the Swimming Pool for 15 to 30 minutes depends on my level of energy I have that day.

Now I have been doing that since I got out of the ER and since then I have lost 4 inches of my waist and 2 dress sizes in total.

Yes your Goddess is determined to do everything possible to be physically ready and as prepared as I can to be ready for the operation so it can go off without any complications and the healing process will be quick. Can’t wait to show off the new me AFTER the operation and swelling goes down.

So why I have I waited this long to get the surgery and why in Montana?

BBW Goddess Bella Donna I don’t have any kind of medical Insurance, which means I have to pay everything out of pocket and unless I can pay it all up-front, finding a Doctor willing to work with you isn’t as easy as you think.

Guess they aren’t doing it for free just because they love their job either, eh boys? Imagine that! How dare they, they must not be real doctors… (just being sarcastic – playing on all the guys who want to claim that if you charge as a Sexworker, Pro-Domina, and Fetish Goddess, you can’t be real and love what you do. Sounds pretty stupid when put on a different profession, don’t you think?)

The other reason is that I wanted someone there for me while I recover and who would keep things as stress free as possible for me.

Enter the one person I can always depend on. My Missy the IMP (in case you still haven’t figured it out, that is my 26 year old daughter who lives in Montana). She did some calling around up where she lives, while I did some calling around here in Las Vegas. She found someone who is willing to work with me and do the surgery. So Missy the Imp is coming to Las Vegas on November 4th to pick me up and take me to be there for a while.

Happy dance moment!!! I’ll be with her at minimum for Thanksgiving and depending on how things go and the weather holds up (I won’t have her drive me back in heavy snow and ice) maybe over Winter Solstice / Christmas as well. Which makes me super happy since we haven’t been able to spent Holidays together in several years now! Did I mention I am doing the happy dance?

BBW Goddess Bella Donna legs and bare feet Until then I have to come up with roughly $2000 more dollars to cover my trip and stay up there. Yes the next couple of months will be super expensive for me since I have that additional output plus all my other regular monthly obligations.

Not to mention that the Holidays are coming up and I want both of us to have a wonderful time together. I’ll be able to do simple low impact things as soon as a few days after the surgery.

For those of you who are curious, yes I am going to work up to the day of my surgery (besides when I am on the road obviously) and shortly after the surgery as well. Mostly phones, chat and audio productions as well as written content.

I’ll take some photos of myself as soon as possible after. I am taking all of my work equipment with me so productions and interactions won’t be a problem.

Depending on how long I’ll be there, I may even offer some real time professional domination¬† / fetish sessions while I am there. If I do it will have to be on an outcall base and mostly fetish oriented. I’ll let you know as soon as I have all the details myself, but if you are in Montana in the Missoula Area, stay tuned for updates on that.

I am always open for cashpoint meets during my time there – I’ll even allow you to take me to tea while handing over your hard earned cash and spend a little time chatting with me. I do like that. Of course for you scare easy cash bitches, you can always just hand it over and run. Sincere inquires only to goddess@femdomfetishcontentforsale.com Just so you know I do expect a non-refundable deposit to set an appointment to meet up. No exceptions!

So yes, I am excited and looking forward to my trip to Montana. It’ll be great for me all the way around!

Goddess Bella DonnaIf you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to do your part towards the remaining $2000 Goal.
Make a Tribute via any of the cash tribute options listed here or whatever tribute option I have given you personally if you are one of my regular boys or play partners. You can use “Zelle” as well to do a direct cash transfer. My email to use for that is goddess@femdomfetishcontentforsale.com .. If you have never used Zelle (I bank with Wells Fargo and use it frequently) make a small test transfer first and email me at the same email to let me know you made a transfer and how much so I can check I have received it. I will confirm receipt if you did it correctly and it’s in my account.

Of course you can always use the Iwantclips tribute option at the sidebar as well. It’s fast and easy to use.

For those of you who are not of the tributing persuasion, do your part by calling me or buying as much content as you can afford. Hell sacrifice a little and buy one or two more than you can afford. It’s for a good cause – me getting healthy and having a safe trip / stay in Montana. Show me you adore me!

I’ll keep you posted as to what is going on and how things progress. In the meantime, make sure to check all of my Venues out (you can find links to them on the Sidebar under Pages).

Talk to you soon dearies!

Goddess Bella Donna