The Devil Woman and your at sow Doom!

Wicked and twisted Feederism Darkside Doom Fetish Story!

A new tale for my doom loving weight gainer fat pigs!

All you really wanted was a little late night snack. Not that you needed it, but let’s face it you are a gluttonous being who loves to eat rich decadent foods. You decided to walk to the Cafe you had seen not too far from your house and that is where all your trouble begins. You see this is not your normal Cafe and the Lady working there is not your average woman. She is a Devil Woman and once you enter her Cafe you are on a one way track into your doom.

This wicked and evil Feeder tale is a story with a mirror tale inside. Once you have been fed the first bite you’ll slip into a mental illusion removed from what your physical rapidly fattening body is experiencing.

I am telling you both sides of the story. The Illusion side in which your feeding takes on an erotic form, and the side of reality which is dark and fearsome. In the end you’ll meet your dark and twisted evil doom, so fat that even a prize hog would be skinny in comparison to you. Sit back and enjoy this tale of doom my fat hogs and gluttonous sows, there is no escaping your destiny now.

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