Goddess Bella Donna updates Newsletter Sep 2017

Hello darlings,

the weather is slowly turning cooler for most of us. I actually had to turn the heater on last night and this morning here in Northern California. Which always brings one of my favorite times of the year into mind. Halloween! I am a huge Halloween nut and most of you who have known me for a while know that I adore all the spooky, wicked, and evil tales that I get to spin even more than usual during that time of year.

Now I am going to head back to Las Vegas here shortly. I’ll be on the Road starting Wednesday September 20th and will be in Las Vegas no later then Sept 27th. Taking my time getting there, especially since I am still recovering from my recent ER visit. So please keep in mind that I will be available for live calls more in the afternoon to late evening then in the mornings as I have been during my travel days. Oh and yes I’ll have my text chat going on Niteflirt so you can chit chat with me while I am on the road. (Don’t worry I don’t text and drive. I have someone driving me).

Now back to the Halloween themed fetish tales. Starting October 1st I am planning on releasing a fuck ton (lol I like that phrase, sounds so deliciously decadent and dirty) of new spooky, wicked, and down right “evil” fiction content for you to devour and quiver by.

If you are one of my more loyal and eagerly spending on me  darlings feel free to shoot me an email to let me know what fetish topic you would like me to include and halloweenize. The email to use for that one is the same email you use to send me Giftcards and Tributes – goddess@femdomfetishcontentforsale.com

I am already planning on “Fat Pig – forced weight gain – and fat boy doom”. I may even re-release or audio release some of my archived stories for that as well so you can have a whole night of gobbling down the wicked candy I am handing out. You know you are never fat enough for me little sows and hogs.

I am planning on magical Transformation Stories as well. Those will be male to female transformations, turned into a mindless puppet transformations, and I even want to do some hyper growth magical transformations. Hyper growth for those who are not familiar with it is, in my case at least, the magical growing of different body parts. Yup some fantasy spell casting with hot sex scenes as I enjoy the “fruits of my labor”. Now you know I am going to have some serious fun with those things. (Watches some of you covering your body parts and slyly hoping I’ll attach a spell to them.) Wicked grin…  Oh you naughty little bitches don’t have me fooled at all.

I have to have a ghost or two in the mix. I am planning on loosening some horny spectral beings upon my poor unsuspecting victims, who will drain them dry …..Think an unseen sexy ghost (male for my little sissies and faggots, and female for my straight lovers) who is earning his or her place as a Succubus or Incubus. Oh what,  you didn’t know they had to pass a sex possession test? Geez…. what’s the matter with you. I thought that was common knowledge for my Hell lovers and doom bitches.

Can’t have Halloween without Witches, Warlocks, Demons, Satan, and of course all of the other Monsters which are so much fun to think of. I can’t wait to get started on them all.

Oh and just for the Halloween month I am even going to create a new Version of Hell for my more daring and extra kinky doom loving minions out there. It’s going to be wicked times 100. I hope you are ready to be my sacrifices and eager to sign those Devils Contracts…. *evil laugh from beyond the veil*.

Don’t worry, I’ll make sure there will be something for all of you who have the coin to spend and are eager to get your fix. From erotic and mild, to wicked and wild. Just like Halloween should be.

Don’t forget,  if you have any request for me to sink my fangs into (muhahaha) let me know before September 29th and I’ll put them on my list. I’ll turn it into a mixture of written content and audio recordings. Trying to give you a wide range of cost, so most of you can afford at least a couple of them.

Yes I am going to accept exclusive custom content requests as well. Only MP3s or written content for the moment, until further notice. You can discuss the details with me via Text Chat on Niteflirt if you like.

Alright darlings, that’s all for today. If you missed it, I released a lot of new Audios over the last few days. Check it out and make me happy by spending some of your hard earned money on my content.

Goddess Bella Donna

P.S. I’ll do the “tricks” that keep your blood jumping and your fists pumping, so how about give me some treats? Take a look at my Amazon Wishlist and buy me something I want or need. (Different price ranges available.) or make a cash donation / contribution towards my surgery fund. (I need to get a Hysterectomy a..s.a.p. and no I don’t have Insurance so it’s all out of pocket).

You can send Cash Gifts / Tributes/ Contributions / Donations to my POB under my vanilla name.

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