3 new masturbation puppet audios

Masturbation encouragement and conditioning audios for my masturbation puppets!

It was time for some new masturbation puppet audio conditioning again. Haven’t done those in a bit. I guess you could say I was in the mood, the mood to make you stroke.

Your path to becoming my Masturbation Puppet

Goddess encourages you to masturbate and enjoy it, while she recounts how you became a chronic masturbation junkie. I keep encouraging you and tell you to stroke while I bring you to understand why it was only a matter of time before you would become a Masturbation Puppet. Being my Masturbation Puppet, to stroke yourself for me, removes all feelings of guilt you may have felt for being a pleasure seeker of the chronic masturbation junkie type. Now you have no choice any longer. Now you must masturbate for me. Being my masturbation puppet is the most satisfying thing to be. You must touch yourself, you must masturbate while listening to this recording. Surrender to the pleasure and desire to be my Masturbation Puppet.
Masturbation Puppet, Masturbation encouragement, chronic masturbation, masturbation instruction,

12 min. 22 seconds

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Stroke, pay, and repeat – Masturbation Puppet Conditioning

The more you stroke the weaker you become. You can’t resist the urge to masturbate and pay for the privelege when you hear my voice teasing and encouraging you to surrender to my will. You are a helpless masturbation puppet, taken out of my toybox for a little cash milking mind fuck and mind altering puppet conditioning play. Time to stroke, pay and repeat puppet dear.
Masturbation count, masturbation addiction, erotic puppeteer, stroke and pay, masturbation mind fuck, masturbation puppet control, guided masturbation,

12 min. 47 sec.

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Good boy masturbation puppet conditioning and cum count down

What a lucky masturbation puppet you are today, I have already given you so much to masturbate about. You are going to be a good boy masturbation puppet for me, listening to your Goddess, masturbating for me on my instruction and chanting the phrases I give you while you masturbate for me like a good boy. Goddess continues to condition your mind, reinforcing your masturbation puppet nature, reminding you that you must always be a good boy for me. Finally towards the end I allow you to cum at the end of a cum count down by me.
Masturbation puppet conditioning, masturbation instruction, masturbation encouragement, cum count down, good boy conditioning

12 min. 48 sec.

$15.99 Buy from GoddessBellaDonna through Niteflirt.com

Now be a good masturbation puppet! Buy all three and stroke for your Goddess as instructed in those audio recordings.