You can now text chat with me on Niteflirt!

I am so very excited about this! It’s something many of us Flirts and a fair share of our darling clients have asked for! Niteflirt has finally added a new long sought out feature to their offerings of content for sale, their webcam shows by 100’s of flirts, and of course what Niteflirt is most known for PHONESEX in oh so many categories!

Today a new feature was officially made live on the Niteflirt Platform – Text Chat or as many of you know and think about it as Sexting. Yes, now you can finally reach out and chat it up with me or one of the other flirts even when we are not logged in for live calls or you are not able to pick up the phone to do a live call! How wonderful is that and something I personally enjoy a lot. There are so many among you who are a bit bored at work and want to play with me and under my control, but can’t do it because you are afraid of being caught by the boss. Well now you can. You can pretend to be hard at work while texting with me on Niteflirt.

Or you are being naughty on the fly while away from the phone. Want to just chat it up with Goddess for a bit, works for me too. Want to reach out and get to know me a little before a live call? Absolutely! Not to mention some of you are too shy to talk live, but now you can do so via texting which is always a lot easier for many of you.

So as I said! Oh yeah, I am super excited and just in time for my internet to finally work properly again. Double yeah for me.

Cost of this new feature is super cheap as well so that gives you small pocket boys a little bit of a bone or is it boner? Probably both.

Cost is 60 cents ($0.69) per volley which I consider to be more then fair and affordable to everyone.

I already had a lot of fun with it today! A fun ugly old witch making you her love slave and a succubus draining your life forceĀ  roleplay! How fun and my chat partner was really good at giving me those all important triggers to use against him. MMM swoons a little, two of my favorites when it comes to paranormal mind fuck roleplays. Can’t wait for more!

So now it’s your turn darlings! FemDom, Fetishes and Roleplays, GFE, Chit chat and good times is what’s on the menu when you reach out and indulge in some fun text chat with me on Niteflirt.

I have myself set up to be available for it from 9 am to 11 pm my time (currently Northern California), so you have plenty of time to chat it up with me.

Click here to be taken to my Text Chat option or look for the banner on the sidebar and click it .

You can always find it via the link in my Menu Bar as well.

Talk to you all soon!

Goddess Bella Donna