Oh no, I feel so disorganized

Goddess Bella Donna making silly faces Layout changes have my blog all flummoxed it seems.

The face I make when noticing that all my categories and tags disappeared. It’s one of those really silly faces that makes you look as if you just almost lost your mind.

Well truth be told that is pretty much what I felt like too. The whole, OH NO, now I have to go through over 300 posts and get them back into the proper categories….

My internet is still a little bit jerky here (hehe jerky, I am sure you all know  how that feels don’t you?) and that means I can only do a few posts at a time before I have to reload and start again.

You have been tagged!

You’ll notice that I am keeping the categories a bit more streamlined this time. Instead of going by the many different fetishes and kinks, I am categorizing by media type. The fetishes and kinks can be found in the tag section of each post. This way you can get a quick overview to see if this something you might be interested in.

Notes from your Goddess!

Here and there among the posts you’ll see a little note from Goddess on the top of a delicious item being offered for you to indulge in. Sometimes those are “backgrounds” to the item. Other times it’s just a little reinforcement to remind you that it’s always a good idea to surrender to me. You know that’s what you need darlings.

I guess I better get back to work now so I can get this organized again. In the meantime, thank you for your patience and happy shopping. As always I appreciate your continued patronage and purchases made.

Goddess Bella Donna