Why are there no new updates and content?

My work is 80% reliant on the internet and the other 20% is via phone, which brings me to a whopping 100% reliable on the Towers working since I get both my Internet and Phone Connection from them. Remember I am a full-time RVer, so I am not going through Cable or Phone Companies.

Most of the time I can get the Phone Signals fine and taking calls is not a problem, only with me not being able to market myself and remind people I am around the Phones stay terrifyingly quiet. That and the little fact that if my Internet Connection keeps timing out or is not available at all, I can’t even sign on.

The longer the natural access time of a website is, the more chances I have on my end to be kicked off or disconnected repeatedly. Some days I sit there for close to 2 hours just trying to sign on before it finally works and I can get through long enough to login to my Niteflirt account and turn my listings to available.

Taking calls however is only a small part of what my work entails if you want to be honest. Those calls along with making sales are the happy outcome of all the work that has to be done constantly in order for that happen. Taking the calls, making those sales, and receiving tributes from my good boys and generous clients is how I make my living. That is how I pay my bills, it’s the end result that I need to happen in order to survive and thrive.

The rest of the work is the work you don’t get to see until it is finished and in many cases never. That is the production of the content which requires a certain amount of internet access as well because a lot of my software I use for editing is online and pay for via a subscription, or needs to “ping” a server to validate it.

Research work, networking, doing my PR work, blogging, attempting to get my blog reorganized after the recent layout debacle and WordPress “crash” that I had setting me back again, plus adding new content to my various venues, and so much more is only possible as long as my Internet is accessible and playing nice.

Of course in the meantime the stress is getting to me as well. I am human after all and watching the business sliding into disarray because I can’t do what I need to do is not only stressful but fear inducing.

Fear inducing? Yes, you read this correctly, fear inducing. In this Business like many others it’s about timing and availability. When a consumer or client is ready to reach for that service or wanting to buy the content, he isn’t willing to wait long in most cases. A few minutes maybe, perhaps if it is a special request a day or two, but not weeks. If, as a producer and service provider, you are not available he’ll just go somewhere else and forget about you. That is how this business works.

Needless to say that also makes me a lot more picky when it comes to what I’ll respond to first or at all when my login and access time is already at a premium. I am not able to indulge someone in giving them free attention, not because I think I am better than them, but because I have to make sure that I can pay my bills. Meaning money has to come first always. So yes, when I do have a couple of people who don’t want to understand that I’ll get snappy after a while. It’s frustrating on top of frustration. Believe it or not, doing calls with you right now is actually part of what keeps me sane. I get to have fun for a few minutes and think of something else besides this issue. So thank you, to those who have been calling, you put a smile on my face!

Do you remember the old adage: “Out of sight – out of mind”? It’s painfully true in this Business. The longer you are absent and unable to work, the more you slip from the mind of your clients. They move on and only a handful of people might remain loyal to you enough to check once in a while if you are around still. The longer you are gone the harder it is to come back from that. You almost literally have to start over and these days that is nowhere as easy as you think it might be.

Now for me this entire debacle has been going on for 2 months now already and I am fairly well “stuck” in this location until roughly the middle to last week of September before I can move on. At the beginning of May I had made an obligation which was going to keep me at this location until the beginning of September and now it has been pushed out a little further. Bad timing for sure, but sometimes life really just does get in the way. I bet you all know about that.

I can’t just shirk that obligation and say “screw it I need to go somewhere else NOW”, not this time. It would affect other people and leave them in a bad lurch, not something I am prepared to do or even consider while keeping my integrity intact. Let’s face it I am constantly talking about having some integrity, so yes I need to lead by example in this.

So long story short, I have not gone on a Hiatus, nor have I turned my back on you all. I am still here, frustrated as all get out because I can’t do my work as is necessary and having had to push out several deadlines for upcoming books already, but here.

I turn my phone lines on every chance I get and if you are one of my callers you could really help me out by calling when you see me available.

I am trying to sort this mess out here as quickly as I can, but when the internet crashes every couple of minutes that is extremely slow going. So be so kind and look through the already sorted ones and take a look at the Uncategorized Section, those are all content too. If you see something you like, please make your purchases.

If you contact me for customized content and I don’t respond right away, don’t think I am ignoring you. I may not be able to get into my email to even see it sitting there. I promise I’ll respond to you as quickly as I can.

For those of you who enjoy being generous and find purpose in tributing to a Goddess like myself, now would be the time to dig deep. Keep me as stress free as possible by showing me that you are still there eagerly waiting for your Queen to return. A bit of Cash Love for me goes a long way boys..

Oh and if this update happens to look run on or isn’t formatted right when it goes live, that would be because I am just going to copy and paste it in. Otherwise I would never get through writing it all without crashing. So forgive the less than stellar appearance.

At this point all I am trying to do is keep in touch with you all and let you know what is going on. Rest assured that I am coming back full force as soon as possible and get all of this back on track.

Wish me luck that this Internet Tower gets fixed soon and stays stable. Then perhaps it will be sooner.

In the meantime I hope you are all doing well and I miss talking to you.

Goddess Bella Donna