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My Giantess seems to have a mind of her own!

I have to tell you that my Giantess who is the star in my upcoming book seems to have a mind of her own.

Yes, typical larger then life attitude, and that Wench is taking over my writing. As in literally just using my hands to type out what she wants.

I was planning on yet another Short Story Anthology, with various Giantess Fetish Fiction Stories, but then it happened.

I was doing my laundry of all things when suddenly I got that urge to write down what came to my mind. I have been writing long enough now to always keep a notebook and a pen in my purse, for just those times.

I also know that when your characters want to “speak” and your muse is giving you those nice long slow kisses (mmmm ) you don’t argue. You take out that journal and pen and just start writing.

So I did and what started to form on my journal was the following:

The “birth” of a Giantess remembered!

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