A new Patreon Post for Giantess lovers

My Giantess seems to have a mind of her own! I have to tell you that my Giantess who is the star in my upcoming book seems to have a mind of her own. Yes, typical larger then life attitude, and that Wench is taking over my writing. As in […]

Indulge in some wicked Roleplays with me

Come little victim, it is time to play with some wicked roleplays! Wicked Phone Mind Fuck Maven Goddess Bella Donna shares some wicked roleplay thoughts! For the last week I’ve had some fun with truly wicked Roleplays. Succubus and Witch Roleplays to be exact. I’ve given them a delicious twist, […]

Tickle Torture Fetish Book

I am proud to announce the release of my newest Tickle Torture Fetish Book! Welcome to Goddess Bella Donna’s Tickle Torture Cult! Evil female tickle Mavens and wicked Tickle Torture Queen torment you, dear male reader, into helpless laughter and desperate mindlessness as you go from Initiate to owned devotee […]

800 lbs is your new fat hog goal!

Twisted new fat boy weight gain orders clip by Feeder Mistress Goddess Bella Donna While your Feeder Mistress enjoys a delicious Lemon Poppyseed Muffin I am scolding you about having gone on a diet during my absence. Now of course I must punish you by making sure that you’ll never […]

You can now text chat with me on Niteflirt!

I am so very excited about this! It’s something many of us Flirts and a fair share of our darling clients have asked for! Niteflirt has finally added a new long sought out feature to their offerings of content for sale, their webcam shows by 100’s of flirts, and of […]

Why are there no new updates and content?

My work is 80% reliant on the internet and the other 20% is via phone, which brings me to a whopping 100% reliable on the Towers working since I get both my Internet and Phone Connection from them. Remember I am a full-time RVer, so I am not going through […]

Oh no, I feel so disorganized

Layout changes have my blog all flummoxed it seems. The face I make when noticing that all my categories and tags disappeared. It’s one of those really silly faces that makes you look as if you just almost lost your mind. Well truth be told that is pretty much what […]

Stroke and worship your smoking Goddess POV

Stroke and worship your smoking Goddess POV JOI and smoking Goddess worship Clip by Goddess Bella Donna Get on your knees my little smoke slut and stroke yourself under my command, showing Me just how much you worship Me. Remember you are only allowed to masturbate when you are in […]

Eat my ashes slave

Eat my ashes slave! Human Ashtray Instructions clip by Goddess Bella Donna You can purchase the following clip in 2 formats. Either WMV or MP4. Available both on Clips4Sale and on Niteflirt. I know how disgusting it is for you as a non-smoker to be used as my human ashtray, […]

Won’t you become my Patron?

Won’t you become my Patron? Free Youtube Clip for you to enjoy! Goddess Bella Donna’s Patreon Page Introduction   I hope you enjoyed seeing me. Nothing better then someone telling you about it “face to face” even if it is via a screen. If you’d like to support my writing […]