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A new Patreon Post for Giantess lovers

My Giantess seems to have a mind of her own!

I have to tell you that my Giantess who is the star in my upcoming book seems to have a mind of her own.

Yes, typical larger then life attitude, and that Wench is taking over my writing. As in literally just using my hands to type out what she wants.

I was planning on yet another Short Story Anthology, with various Giantess Fetish Fiction Stories, but then it happened.

I was doing my laundry of all things when suddenly I got that urge to write down what came to my mind. I have been writing long enough now to always keep a notebook and a pen in my purse, for just those times.

I also know that when your characters want to “speak” and your muse is giving you those nice long slow kisses (mmmm ) you don’t argue. You take out that journal and pen and just start writing.

So I did and what started to form on my journal was the following:

The “birth” of a Giantess remembered!

If you’d like to preview this first chapter of the book you can do so by becoming a patron on my Patreon page. This one is set for all Patrons which means even a small $1 or $2.00 pledge will give you access to it.

Visit my Patreon page to make your pledge and enjoy today!


Goddess Bella Donna



Indulge in some wicked Roleplays with me

Come little victim, it is time to play with some wicked roleplays!

Wicked Phone Mind Fuck Maven Goddess Bella Donna shares some wicked roleplay thoughts!

For the last week I’ve had some fun with truly wicked Roleplays. Succubus and Witch Roleplays to be exact. I’ve given them a delicious twist, that tiny bit of extra, which makes it so much hotter.

I excel and delight in being the wickedness, the doom inducing evil, that you just don’t see coming. Instead of taking on the form of a hot, seductive Vixen who slowly seduces you into her arms, I come at you as the old woman next door, the ugly old hag, the no longer attractive female whom you’d either make fun of or ignore.

It makes the deviousness of the whole so much more intense, as I seek my revenge and cast my diabolical spells over you. Making you fall in love with me against your will. Forcing you to get aroused for me. Draining the very life force out of you as I cackle, laugh and taunt you with the doom I am visiting upon you.

I twist the old themes around, induce the fear, and take you to the next level of mind fuck depravity.

In my mind, being this super hot chick seducing you is simply too mundane and too easy. Any guy would fall for that.

There really isn’t much evil to it either since that is how you are wired naturally. In order for evil to take it’s hold there has to be something you do that is fundamentally “sinful” or “dark” in order to open the door for wickedness to take a foothold.

The funny thing is that many people do it all day long. They don’t even notice it when they make fun of someone less fortunate as them. Or when they ridicule someone who is no longer in the prime of their life. It’s dark, make no mistake about it, and it is the perfect reason for a demonic force or a Mistress of Darkness to put her claws into you.

Making you desire and love the very thing you found to distasteful. Twisting you against your very nature. Controlling you via magic to be completely helpless and addicted. It’s both diabolical and perfectly twisted when it comes to wicked Roleplays.

Demonic forces cannot attach to the truly innocent or the deeply good. It needs an open door to be cracked just a tiny bit before it can come in. Of course human nature is never truly good nor truly evil, but a combination of both at all times since the divine and carnal in us combine to make us a complete human being.

Another Roleplay along those lines I truly adore is that of me as the Priest corrupting his parishioners without them ever realizing. Introducing the very sins he or she preaches against into their life. The moment you tell someone NOT to think of it, they’ll never get it out of their mind. The more you forbid it, the stronger the desire for it becomes. In the end you can’t get past it until it is out of your system and that only happens once you have succumb to it. It’s the perfect mind fuck based on human weaknesses and the paradoxes that are part of our every day life.

Of course in those cases I counsel you, ask you questions that eventually force you to break down and admit your dark and sinful desires. I invite you to pray with me, but the moment our hands touch in prayer everything changes and you are taken into a world of sin and lustful desires that you can no longer escape. You see the kindly priest, this Shepard of his flock was no priest at all, but a Demoness, a Witch, or even Satan herself who only borrowed the body of the Priest whose soul is already burning in Hell for his own sinful misdeeds.

When it comes to wicked Roleplays with me it’s never straight forward. I delight in the twists that fuck with your mind and take you into a nasty surprise that will eventually be your personal doom. It doesn’t always have to end in Hell, but you’ll certainly be addicted and helpless in the end, paying a price for your carnal desires even if you weren’t really at fault.

I guess you could say I crap you by the mind, give it a good twist and turn, and then lead you around by your dick as only a wicked woman with a devious imagination can. That’s when the ugliest become the hottest, and when it is all done you wonder “How the fuck did that just happen! I would never..” but you see dearie… yes you would and you just did, because in the end you didn’t really have a choice now did you?

If you enjoy these types of Roleplays as much as I do you should give me a call on my Niteflirt Roleplaying Listing (1-800-863-5478 ext: 11361921) or if you are unable to talk live to me and prefer texting you can do so via my Niteflirt Text Option.

I am looking forward to exploring the possibilities with you and of course to be your corrupting guide into the darkness of your sexual weakness and sinful delights.

Goddess Bella Donna

Tickle Torture Fetish Book

I am proud to announce the release of my newest Tickle Torture Fetish Book!

Welcome to Goddess Bella Donna’s Tickle Torture Cult!

Evil female tickle Mavens and wicked Tickle Torture Queen torment you, dear male reader, into helpless laughter and desperate mindlessness as you go from Initiate to owned devotee in the following 9 Tickle Torture Fetish Short Stories Of course a couple of female ticklee’s have to join you in enduring the nefarious designs of the diabolical Priestess of timeless Tickle Torture Goddess Bella Donna in two of the tales.
Get ready for an uproariously hot time which will make you quiver with laughter and more.

“Welcome to Goddess Bella Donna’s Tickle Torture Cult”
is an anthology of 9 original stand alone tickle torture fetish stories intented for a mature audience, tied together with wickedly fun intermission narratives to keep the laughter inducing terror going and to lead you, dear reader, to the climatic finish.
You will find the following Short Stories within these pages:

Welcome to the Cult of Goddess Bella Donna, initiate!
The Huntress and the prey.
The Bathhouse of infinite laughter.
Trial at the great Tickle Torture Inquisition
No torment is as great as crushed hope.
The Tickle Torture Graveyard.
The Feasting Hall.
Aboard the “jolly” Roger.
The Temple Hall of the great Tickle Torture Goddess.
Plus of course the various Intermissions which round these wicked Tales off perfectly.

This Book is now available in Print Version via my Lulu Book Store for $12.99 plus S&H for those among you who enjoy the feel of a naughty Book in your hands! Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

If you prefer a digital format instead you can purchase it via Amazon Kindle for $5.99 by clicking here!

Or for those who want to show me their appreciation and make a special contribution to my Art you can buy the PDF Version of this book via Niteflirt for $21.99 by clicking here!


800 lbs is your new fat hog goal!

Twisted new fat boy weight gain orders clip by Feeder Mistress Goddess Bella Donna

Feeder Mistress Goddess Bella Donna eats a yummy Muffin and gives you a new weight gain goalWhile your Feeder Mistress enjoys a delicious Lemon Poppyseed Muffin I am scolding you about having gone on a diet during my absence. Now of course I must punish you by making sure that you’ll never be able to get that weight off again. I have set your new 800 lbs as your new fat hog goal. I humiliate, tease, and mind fuck you all along. I am giving you your daily menu of how you will achieve this goal and yes believe me, you are going to be eating constantly.
Another must have clip by your devious Feeder Goddess for all my devoted fat piggy boys, disgusting fat hogs and sows. Get it now!

Keywords: satanic goddess, goddess bella donna, feeder mistress, forced weight gain, fattening you up, fat hog humiliation, humiliation, verbal tease, eating orders, wicked woman, bbw feeder mistress
Price: $19.99 USD
Length: 19 minutes
Size: 285 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 854×480
Added: 8/6/17 5:52pm

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You can now text chat with me on Niteflirt!

I am so very excited about this! It’s something many of us Flirts and a fair share of our darling clients have asked for! Niteflirt has finally added a new long sought out feature to their offerings of content for sale, their webcam shows by 100’s of flirts, and of course what Niteflirt is most known for PHONESEX in oh so many categories!

Today a new feature was officially made live on the Niteflirt Platform – Text Chat or as many of you know and think about it as Sexting. Yes, now you can finally reach out and chat it up with me or one of the other flirts even when we are not logged in for live calls or you are not able to pick up the phone to do a live call! How wonderful is that and something I personally enjoy a lot. There are so many among you who are a bit bored at work and want to play with me and under my control, but can’t do it because you are afraid of being caught by the boss. Well now you can. You can pretend to be hard at work while texting with me on Niteflirt.

Or you are being naughty on the fly while away from the phone. Want to just chat it up with Goddess for a bit, works for me too. Want to reach out and get to know me a little before a live call? Absolutely! Not to mention some of you are too shy to talk live, but now you can do so via texting which is always a lot easier for many of you.

So as I said! Oh yeah, I am super excited and just in time for my internet to finally work properly again. Double yeah for me.

Cost of this new feature is super cheap as well so that gives you small pocket boys a little bit of a bone or is it boner? Probably both.

Cost is 60 cents ($0.69) per volley which I consider to be more then fair and affordable to everyone.

I already had a lot of fun with it today! A fun ugly old witch making you her love slave and a succubus draining your life force  roleplay! How fun and my chat partner was really good at giving me those all important triggers to use against him. MMM swoons a little, two of my favorites when it comes to paranormal mind fuck roleplays. Can’t wait for more!

So now it’s your turn darlings! FemDom, Fetishes and Roleplays, GFE, Chit chat and good times is what’s on the menu when you reach out and indulge in some fun text chat with me on Niteflirt.

I have myself set up to be available for it from 9 am to 11 pm my time (currently Northern California), so you have plenty of time to chat it up with me.

Click here to be taken to my Text Chat option or look for the banner on the sidebar and click it .

You can always find it via the link in my Menu Bar as well.

Talk to you all soon!

Goddess Bella Donna


Why are there no new updates and content?

My work is 80% reliant on the internet and the other 20% is via phone, which brings me to a whopping 100% reliable on the Towers working since I get both my Internet and Phone Connection from them. Remember I am a full-time RVer, so I am not going through Cable or Phone Companies.

Most of the time I can get the Phone Signals fine and taking calls is not a problem, only with me not being able to market myself and remind people I am around the Phones stay terrifyingly quiet. That and the little fact that if my Internet Connection keeps timing out or is not available at all, I can’t even sign on.

The longer the natural access time of a website is, the more chances I have on my end to be kicked off or disconnected repeatedly. Some days I sit there for close to 2 hours just trying to sign on before it finally works and I can get through long enough to login to my Niteflirt account and turn my listings to available.

Taking calls however is only a small part of what my work entails if you want to be honest. Those calls along with making sales are the happy outcome of all the work that has to be done constantly in order for that happen. Taking the calls, making those sales, and receiving tributes from my good boys and generous clients is how I make my living. That is how I pay my bills, it’s the end result that I need to happen in order to survive and thrive.

The rest of the work is the work you don’t get to see until it is finished and in many cases never. That is the production of the content which requires a certain amount of internet access as well because a lot of my software I use for editing is online and pay for via a subscription, or needs to “ping” a server to validate it.

Research work, networking, doing my PR work, blogging, attempting to get my blog reorganized after the recent layout debacle and WordPress “crash” that I had setting me back again, plus adding new content to my various venues, and so much more is only possible as long as my Internet is accessible and playing nice.

Of course in the meantime the stress is getting to me as well. I am human after all and watching the business sliding into disarray because I can’t do what I need to do is not only stressful but fear inducing.

Fear inducing? Yes, you read this correctly, fear inducing. In this Business like many others it’s about timing and availability. When a consumer or client is ready to reach for that service or wanting to buy the content, he isn’t willing to wait long in most cases. A few minutes maybe, perhaps if it is a special request a day or two, but not weeks. If, as a producer and service provider, you are not available he’ll just go somewhere else and forget about you. That is how this business works.

Needless to say that also makes me a lot more picky when it comes to what I’ll respond to first or at all when my login and access time is already at a premium. I am not able to indulge someone in giving them free attention, not because I think I am better than them, but because I have to make sure that I can pay my bills. Meaning money has to come first always. So yes, when I do have a couple of people who don’t want to understand that I’ll get snappy after a while. It’s frustrating on top of frustration. Believe it or not, doing calls with you right now is actually part of what keeps me sane. I get to have fun for a few minutes and think of something else besides this issue. So thank you, to those who have been calling, you put a smile on my face!

Do you remember the old adage: “Out of sight – out of mind”? It’s painfully true in this Business. The longer you are absent and unable to work, the more you slip from the mind of your clients. They move on and only a handful of people might remain loyal to you enough to check once in a while if you are around still. The longer you are gone the harder it is to come back from that. You almost literally have to start over and these days that is nowhere as easy as you think it might be.

Now for me this entire debacle has been going on for 2 months now already and I am fairly well “stuck” in this location until roughly the middle to last week of September before I can move on. At the beginning of May I had made an obligation which was going to keep me at this location until the beginning of September and now it has been pushed out a little further. Bad timing for sure, but sometimes life really just does get in the way. I bet you all know about that.

I can’t just shirk that obligation and say “screw it I need to go somewhere else NOW”, not this time. It would affect other people and leave them in a bad lurch, not something I am prepared to do or even consider while keeping my integrity intact. Let’s face it I am constantly talking about having some integrity, so yes I need to lead by example in this.

So long story short, I have not gone on a Hiatus, nor have I turned my back on you all. I am still here, frustrated as all get out because I can’t do my work as is necessary and having had to push out several deadlines for upcoming books already, but here.

I turn my phone lines on every chance I get and if you are one of my callers you could really help me out by calling when you see me available.

I am trying to sort this mess out here as quickly as I can, but when the internet crashes every couple of minutes that is extremely slow going. So be so kind and look through the already sorted ones and take a look at the Uncategorized Section, those are all content too. If you see something you like, please make your purchases.

If you contact me for customized content and I don’t respond right away, don’t think I am ignoring you. I may not be able to get into my email to even see it sitting there. I promise I’ll respond to you as quickly as I can.

For those of you who enjoy being generous and find purpose in tributing to a Goddess like myself, now would be the time to dig deep. Keep me as stress free as possible by showing me that you are still there eagerly waiting for your Queen to return. A bit of Cash Love for me goes a long way boys..

Oh and if this update happens to look run on or isn’t formatted right when it goes live, that would be because I am just going to copy and paste it in. Otherwise I would never get through writing it all without crashing. So forgive the less than stellar appearance.

At this point all I am trying to do is keep in touch with you all and let you know what is going on. Rest assured that I am coming back full force as soon as possible and get all of this back on track.

Wish me luck that this Internet Tower gets fixed soon and stays stable. Then perhaps it will be sooner.

In the meantime I hope you are all doing well and I miss talking to you.

Goddess Bella Donna

Oh no, I feel so disorganized

Goddess Bella Donna making silly faces Layout changes have my blog all flummoxed it seems.

The face I make when noticing that all my categories and tags disappeared. It’s one of those really silly faces that makes you look as if you just almost lost your mind.

Well truth be told that is pretty much what I felt like too. The whole, OH NO, now I have to go through over 300 posts and get them back into the proper categories….

My internet is still a little bit jerky here (hehe jerky, I am sure you all know  how that feels don’t you?) and that means I can only do a few posts at a time before I have to reload and start again.

You have been tagged!

You’ll notice that I am keeping the categories a bit more streamlined this time. Instead of going by the many different fetishes and kinks, I am categorizing by media type. The fetishes and kinks can be found in the tag section of each post. This way you can get a quick overview to see if this something you might be interested in.

Notes from your Goddess!

Here and there among the posts you’ll see a little note from Goddess on the top of a delicious item being offered for you to indulge in. Sometimes those are “backgrounds” to the item. Other times it’s just a little reinforcement to remind you that it’s always a good idea to surrender to me. You know that’s what you need darlings.

I guess I better get back to work now so I can get this organized again. In the meantime, thank you for your patience and happy shopping. As always I appreciate your continued patronage and purchases made.

Goddess Bella Donna

Stroke and worship your smoking Goddess POV

Stroke and worship your smoking Goddess POV

JOI and smoking Goddess worship Clip by Goddess Bella Donna

Screenshot from Get on your knees my little smoke slut and stroke yourself under my command, showing Me just how much you worship Me.

Remember you are only allowed to masturbate when you are in front of me, kneeling and watching Me smoking. Ah yes, it is every addicting.
Keywords: goddess bella donna, mature smoker, smoking goddess, watch me smoke, stroke on my command, verbal tease
Price: $10.99 USD Buy Now
Length: 10 minutes
Size: 136 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 854×480
Added: 8/5/17 11:35pm

Prefer to buy via Niteflirt?

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Eat my ashes slave

Eat my ashes slave!

Human Ashtray Instructions clip by Goddess Bella Donna

You can purchase the following clip in 2 formats. Either WMV or MP4. Available both on Clips4Sale and on Niteflirt.

Eat my ashes slave - screenshot Goddess Bella DonnaI know how disgusting it is for you as a non-smoker to be used as my human ashtray, but the reality is that you are my slave and as such I will use you any way I desire.

Since it has been a little while since I made you eat my ashes and eat the butt it’s high time I did.

Get on your knees, obey my orders, and listen to me humiliate and tease you.


Price: $7.99 USD (This is the MP4 Version) Buy Now
Length: 7 minutes
Size: 83 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 854×480
Added: 8/5/17 5:56pm

If you prefer the WMV Version of this clip (same clip / same price) Buy Now

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Eat my ashes slave – $7.99 Buy from GoddessBellaDonna through

Don’t forget you can have a smoking fetish phone session with me via Niteflirt at my Mistress Listing:

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Won’t you become my Patron?

Won’t you become my Patron?

Free Youtube Clip for you to enjoy!

Goddess Bella Donna’s Patreon Page Introduction


I hope you enjoyed seeing me. Nothing better then someone telling you about it “face to face” even if it is via a screen. If you’d like to support my writing and gain hot stories, MP3’s and the occasional clip as a thank you for being a supportive fan you can do this by visiting: and make a pledge! Remember there are several tiers. So even those among you who can’t afford a lot can become one of my Patrons.

The more pledges I receive the more content I will add.

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