Smoke Puppet Mindmelt

It’s time for a brand new Smoke Puppet mindmelt

Mesmerizing, mind-melting, smoke induced good boy puppet induction.

First a note by your Goddess:

It had been a while since I was filming a smoke puppet mindmelt and I wanted to do something a little different then just sitting there and smoking at you. So I decided to have some fun with the effects settings on my webcam. After a few moments I noticed that as I was smoking and moving a little Star would appear at the junction where my hair came together. It was basically at my Crown! The smoke seemed to flow into the Star and fed it with my lovely streams of exhales.

Of course that made me think of my good boys out there who so easily become mesmerized by my smoking ways and go deeper and deeper into their smoke puppet place for me.  I was quickly starting to think of the star, which I was creating with my mesmerizing movements and feeding with my smoke, as you. After all my good mesmer smoke puppets are a Star at my Crown.

That is how the name of this clip came together.

Good Boy smoke Star mindmelt.


As you are surrounded by your smoking Goddess, you are being created as my smoke star good boy puppet as I feed you my smoke exhales. You pulse and exist, brighten and expanding, for me. You are my good boy smoke star puppet and at the very end you will erupt in cum for me.
Keywords: goddess bella donna, smoke mesmerization, good boy mind melt, smoke puppet
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Length: 9 minutes
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Format: MP4
Resolution: 854×480
Added: 7/23/17 6:54pm