Month: July 2017

Homoerotic roleplays and mind fucking blunt talk!

Even if you are not gay, you love those homoerotic mind fucks!

Some blunt queer thoughts from devious Fetish Queen Goddess Bella Donna

Ah the lovely taboo of homoerotic mind fuck. These days I dare say it is one of the many topics that walk on the edge of “politeness” and “political correctness”. To call someone a faggot, a queer, a fudge packing cock sucker, is a precious little no no, in polite company. Certainly it is humiliating and debasing to assume that someone would love to get down and dirty with a big hard cock for no other reason then the fact that they are looking for some hot sexy fun.

Of course that is what homoerotic roleplays and mind fucking is all about! It’s humiliation, it’s messing with your very sexual identity, and it’s nothing more than a spot of twisted fantasy in most cases. I have chatted it up with wanna be Queers and “OMG I am so fucking gay” faggots for more years then I care to admit now. Our delicious Fetish Roleplays have taken them to dark places in their minds and have had their poor cocks explode in showers of jism well beyond what most would think possible. Triggering the forbidden fantasies of same gender sexuality, but not quiet. See here is the thing, in reality most of those guys who reach for those types of debasing, name calling, mind fucking fantasies, are the straight men who are simply searching for something different.

Guess what most “faggots” aren’t gay!

They are not gay, hell most of them aren’t even bi-sexual, and if you would really push them on their knees in front of a fat cock and make them suck it like the faggot bitches they roleplay they are, we’d have a fight on our hands. The thing is that most human beings have a curiosity about what it would be like to be sexually active with someone of their own gender. Some may have even experimented with it in their younger days. (I hear College seems to be a good time for those particular try outs!) That doesn’t mean however that they suddenly became bi or gay. It was a curiosity which over time turned into a hot fantasy and blew out of proportions. Guess what that is what fantasies and roleplays are all about. Stepping away from yourself and being someone you wouldn’t be in most cases in your every day life.

It’s hot because it is taboo and frowned upon!

Now recently I came under a little bit of Troll attack because I was using the word “Faggot” liberally in some Tweets. It naturally attracted the outrage of Gender Neutral or Queer Fluid folks, who found it disgusting that I would use such harmful to their sensitive words. Tolerance is the battle cry of many these days and of course it has now bled over into the Fetish World and Adult Industry as well.

Here is the fun fact for you so. The more you scream against it and make a big deal out of words, the hotter they get in roleplay scenes. The more outraged you become, because you seem to forget that not all of us are gay in reality and that the word faggot in roleplay and fetish revers to a man being hot for cock not another man (as in love), the more twisted the whole homoerotic fantasies play them-selves out.

How could you ….

I am bi-sexual myself, but with a stronger leaning towards men. To be blunt, in order for me to want to have sex with a woman she has to be very special and I must feel a deep loving connection with her already. I know that seems odd to some since being bi-sexual is treated the same way as being straight and gay. People forget that it is something incredibly individual to the person and doesn’t go by some bizarre blue print that organizations and society wants to place upon it. It’s human sexuality folks and when it comes to that there are no formulas that work for all.

Matter of fact I was in a loving and committed relationship with a woman many years ago until she passed away in a tragic Car accident. She was the first female love of my life, and the one who introduced me to same gender love making. Not to mention that she was also the one who helped me over what once upon a time was my almost homophobic need to be straight. Yes it was part of my upbringing and the idea of two people of the same gender having sex back then actually made my physically sick. That is until I met her, befriended her, got to know her and subsequently fell in love with this amazing woman who was the female love of my life.

I have yet to find another woman who can hold a candle to her to be honest. I have had a couple more female lovers since then, but the connection I felt with her was just never there again. She was special, a beautiful spirit, and someone who frankly would be disgusted by a lot of things that are showcased these days.

So the question of “how could you” or “can you” debase men and call them humiliating names while talking about their desire to get fucked by some random dick that doesn’t even exist in reality or taunt them about being addicted to cocks and cum for both the male and Shemale variety, I say… because it’s a fucking fantasy fools and it gets them hot and horny. It makes their dicks twitch, makes their cum dribble uncontrollably and if I really do my job as a Phonesex Fetish Maven well makes them cum so hard that they see God for a second. (Or Satan or any other being that they might conjure). Who knows their old ladies aka GF’s or Wife might actually get satisfied that night too while they fuck them like nobodies business while remembering our chat.

But it’s wrong and hurts my feelings..

First of all, to be frank, then you have a long way to go coming to a place of self-acceptance of your own sexuality when something a complete stranger who has zero to do with you can hurt your feelings with the use of a word. That means to me that you are still not fully ok with yourself and maybe you need to seek out some counseling and get some help learning to love yourself just the way you are.

See the reality is that once you are really ok with yourself there is nothing anyone can say to you that will make you feel bad about yourself or hurt your feelings that easily. By the way, you are ok just the way you are, you just have to get there to believe it yourself. I hope you can soon.

Oh and no, it’s not wrong either by the way. It’s sexuality and sexual freedom, wrapped up in a Fetish roleplay that serves to delight, arouse, mind fuck and yes make the person ultimately reach a happy handing. Who are you or I for that matter to begrudge them that? Isn’t that what you claim to fight for? The freedom to be the wonderful sexual individual you are and who can enjoy their little kinks and twists to the fullest without being poorly judged for it

Well, dearie, when it comes to homoerotic roleplays that often times includes humiliation, verbal mind fucking of the disgustingly hot debasing kind. It’s no different then a usually classy woman enjoying being called a “slut”, “bitch”, or “whore: in bed by her lover. Or a strong masculine male enjoying being called a “bitch boy”, a ‘loser”, a “maggot” or anything else. It’s not real, it’s fantasy bedroom talk….. So there is that.

Nobody has the right to control what goes on in MY virtual phonesex Bedroom but me and my caller!

As long as I keep it within the laws and the TOS of the platform I use, nobody but me and my caller have a right to control or to deny our freedom to be disgustingly politically incorrect and / or play out a fantasy that makes both side blissfully happy and sexually satisfied in the end.

So yes, fuck nuts, faggots, cock sucking maggot brains, cum mushed glory hole freaks, peter pumping deviants, lisping flammer wanna be gays, and all other lovers of homoerotic roleplayers and fetish freaks, Goddess is here to tell you …..

Call Me now! There is a big world of faggot fantasy waiting for you in my realm. I’ll have a grand old time humiliating you, addicting you, twisting your kinky little minds and turning you into the faggot cum dump bitches you are dreaming about while jerking your cocks until they almost fall off.

Goddess Bella Donna

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Smoke Puppet Mindmelt

It’s time for a brand new Smoke Puppet mindmelt

Mesmerizing, mind-melting, smoke induced good boy puppet induction.

First a note by your Goddess:

It had been a while since I was filming a smoke puppet mindmelt and I wanted to do something a little different then just sitting there and smoking at you. So I decided to have some fun with the effects settings on my webcam. After a few moments I noticed that as I was smoking and moving a little Star would appear at the junction where my hair came together. It was basically at my Crown! The smoke seemed to flow into the Star and fed it with my lovely streams of exhales.

Of course that made me think of my good boys out there who so easily become mesmerized by my smoking ways and go deeper and deeper into their smoke puppet place for me.  I was quickly starting to think of the star, which I was creating with my mesmerizing movements and feeding with my smoke, as you. After all my good mesmer smoke puppets are a Star at my Crown.

That is how the name of this clip came together.

Good Boy smoke Star mindmelt.


As you are surrounded by your smoking Goddess, you are being created as my smoke star good boy puppet as I feed you my smoke exhales. You pulse and exist, brighten and expanding, for me. You are my good boy smoke star puppet and at the very end you will erupt in cum for me.
Keywords: goddess bella donna, smoke mesmerization, good boy mind melt, smoke puppet
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Length: 9 minutes
Size: 227 MB
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Demonic satanic Goddess smokes away your soul!

Demonic satanic Goddess smokes away your soul!

Religious demonic smoking fetish mind fuck clip by Goddess Bella Donna

Note from your Goddess:

Optical illusions are so much fun to play with and especially when it comes to anything “demonic” related. It gives the whole clip a surreal and somewhat bizarre feel. Which I personally believe works beautifully with the tone and mind fucking vibe of this clip.

Now this clip is for my sinners in general and for my smoke slaves in particularly who are polluting their souls and lungs for me one toxic cigarette at a time. It’s time that your satanic Goddess lights one of her special hell cigarettes up, slips into her demonic form, and smokes away your soul.

Demonic satanic Goddess smokes away your soul!

Screenshot from demonic satanic Goddess smokes away your soul

Your satanic Goddess Bella Donna has taken on her demonic form today and has come to smoke away your soul. I have wrapped your essence into my hellish cigarette and with each drag I take you feel yourself becoming less and less human. By the time I take the last drag I will have ripped away your soul and am going to drag it with me into hell. If you smoke, you might as well have a last cigarette with me. It will be your last.

Category: MIND FUCK


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The Giantess secret of her sorcery

The Giantess secret of her sorcery

BBW Giantess Vore fetish fiction Clip by Goddess Bella Donna

Note by your BBW Giantess:

Filming Giantess clips while traveling in my RV is not the easiest thing to do, but that has never stopped me from shrinking you down to size for my pleasure and amusement. After all, being such a huge Giantess you’d be unable to see all of me anyways. I am simply too big to take in for you.

Recently I have had the pleasure to film a few exclusive custom clips for a wonderful “snack” who seems to really enjoy being shrunken and eaten by me in a bed of cheese.

Now personally I LOVE Cheese! It’s one of my favorite snacks and if you offer a Giantess yourself as the meat filling on a delicious Cheese Sandwich, well I am right there. 😛

This gave me the idea for this lovely little eating fetish, vore, Giantess and Sorceress mind fuck clip. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did filming it. By the way, you are all rather delicious…..

The Giantess Secret to her Sorcery


BBW Giantess Goddess Bella Donna screenshot BBW Giantess Bella Donna is devouring some cheese and tells you about the secret of her longevity, power of shrinking, and other Giantess powers. Spoiler alert – it’s little men cheese Sandwiches. Watch and listen as your Giantess eats her cheese and teases you about being her meal.

Giantess Fetish, Mind fuck, vore, eating fetish
Category: GIANTESS
Keywords: goddess bella donna, bbw giantess fantasy, little men cheese snack, giantess sorceress
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Length: 5 minutes
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My smoking to your days of chastity

My smoking to your days of chastity

Smoking Fetish – Edging w. cum denial – chastity Assignment / Game Clip by Goddess Bella Donna

Hello my little cucks, smoke sluts, and chastity bitches. Today you will watch me smoke and count each inhale and exhale I take. Each inhale and exhale will translate to both the number of strokes you get while I am smoking and the days in chastity for you. I am letting you stroke while I smoke, but you are not allowed to cum. At the end of the clip you will lock up without having cum for the number of days you have counted (correctly I hope) from my inhales and exhales. Enjoy!
TFT stands for travel fund tribute by the way. Be a good little bitch and buy this clip now.

Available via Niteflirt only:


Casual outdoors smoke with me and stroke

Casual outdoors smoke with me and stroke

Smoking and stroking Instructions by Goddess Bella Donna

Casual outdoors smoke with me and stroke Part 1

The weather is just too nice to stay inside today, so I have decided to film several clips outdoors today. In this clip I am having you smoke with me and stroke each time a certain amount of times when I drag in. Of course you have to listen to the instructions to get the entire order correct. In between smoking, I am chatting at you, tease you, and explain to you just how blasphemous it really is for me to smoke here and why.

Now get ready to listen, worship, smoke and stroke to and for your satanic Goddess Bella Donna.

Category: SMOKING


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Note: Until I get my new Smartphone delivered so I can upload it to Clips4Sale (Hotspot on phone is my internet) this Second part is available via Niteflirt only. I will add it to Clips4Sale the end of this month hopefully.

Casual outdoors smoke with me and stroke Part 2

I very quickly go over the order for this casual outdoors smoke with me and stroke clip, before turning on the music to listen to and then continue to have fun, via hand signals tease and order you to stroke, and just enjoy making you drool. For you human Ashtrays I even drop some ashes and give you my cigarette butt to consume.

I am smoking 2 cigarettes and you are not allowed to cum until I so indicate at the end of the clip.
Note; If you don’t like the music I had playing on my laptop just mute it once it starts playing. I won’t be talking out loud.

17 min. 25 sec. WMV Format
Price: 21.99 USD

Early Morning outdoors forced smoking orders!

Early Morning outdoors forced smoking orders!

Smoking Instructions on the sly by Goddess Bella Donna

Hello my doomed little smoke bitches. I am taking you outside and down by the River early this morning to deliver some forced smoking orders to you! This clip was filmed with my Android Phone which is why I am giving you this clip cheaper than I usually would. The morning was just too good to pass up and what a lovely place to darken your lungs for your satanic Goddess Bella Donna.

Now go and get your cigarettes ready, buy the clip and get ready to smoke on my instructions. Such delicious blaspheme to tar up your lungs in such natural surroundings.
Category: SMOKING
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Length: 6 minutes
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I am turning you into a Shemale cock devotee

I am turning you into a Shemale cock devotee

Sensual FemDom Audio Recording for Shemale addicts by Goddess Bella Donna

You are my precious pet and I have decided it is time for you to learn the pleasures of being a devotee and servant of Shemale cock. I took you to a Motel where you were ensnared by a vision walking into the lobby. Little did you know at that point that this was the Shemale Goddess and dear friend of mine, whom we were there to meet. This night I would turn you into becoming a Shemale cock devotee for my pleasure.

This sensual homoerotic Audio Recording for Shemale lovers and addicts includes the following: Shemale sex, Shemale assworship, Sensual Domination, verbal teasing, Gay Shemale sex, cock sucking and anal use.

Category: SHEMALES


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Being a sissy cuckold in a casual public setting

Being a sissy cuckold in a casual public setting

BBW Goddess Bella Donna Clip for sissy cuckolds

Screenshot from Being a sissy cuckold in a casual public setting Clip

Hello my darlings. Today I am talking about what it would be like if I was to take you as my sissy cuckold on the Road with me and a complete regular everyday person (vanilla – non-fetish) would walk up to us while we are outside.

I talk about the embarrassing moments you would have to endure as I converse with that stranger (with you right there) and explain to them what you are. A sissy cuckold in chastity.

This is about you being “exposed” in a real life uncontrolled environment scenario to someone who has no idea about cuckoldry and / or chastity, with just a minimum (if any) knowledge about sissies.

Them walking up and being curious about what it is you are and asking, is giving their consent to be told about it.

Listen closely to how it would be handled by me and the organic real life very human reactions (not fantasy ones) that would happen as they get explained your lot in life.



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Enchanted by your BBW smoking and dancing Goddess

Enchanted by your BBW smoking and dancing Goddess

Sensual and mesmerizing clip by your BBW Goddess Bella Donna

Screenshot from Enchanted by your smoking and dancing BBW Goddess

I cast a special kind of wordless enchantment over you as I smoke and dance in this glorious outdoors setting, dressed in my long black dress. Slow, sensual movements, pull you into me and make you feel so weak. Lose yourself in me and worship your BBW Goddess.



Keywords: goddess bella donna, enchanting, big belly, goddess dancing, mind melting, sensual

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