Classic Goddess Bella Donna Pantyhose Pic set

Pantyhose Pic Set!

There is no such thing as too much pantyhose…

Note from Goddess:

There is just something oh so sexy and alluring about wearing a nice pair of silky pantyhose. The way they give your legs that smooth look. The way the tease you into wanting to touch them to feel that silkiness. They are at the same time classic and naughty. A tease for the senses and at the same time so very ladylike.

I know a lot of men bemoan the fact that less and less women wear pantyhose these days. Something that you used to see all the time, especially on professional women. Well fear not my little pantyhose loving puppets, Goddess still loves to wear those fine hose and yes I myself love to seduce and intoxicate your senses with all things Pantyhose Fetish.

Why don’t you sit back, indulge in this lovely pantyhose pic set (and don’t miss out on the other ones either darling), and stroke nice and slow to the visual inspiration they give you. If you’d like to talk about pantyhose fetish (all of the various aspects of it) you can do so by calling my Mistress listing. (Click here)


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