The Gladiators reward is you sissy.

Fictional Story for Sissies by Goddess Bella Donna Ancient Rome! A world of depravity, violence, power, insanity, genius, treachery, and foes trembling before its might. A civilized ancient culture which still was oh so barbaric in its lust for enjoyments of the most carnal and base kind. Slaves were used for the pleasures of their betters. Men were trained to fight and give their life in the Arena where they rose as Gods among slaves if they survived. Win and be seen rewarded by the Domina or Dominus of the Ludus, fail and your life was forfeit on the Sands …

I still remember my first professional Pedicure

Written recount for foot fetishists and sissy gurls I still remember my first professional pedicure I got and in this 7 page document I share this memory with you in a conversational style. So sit on back, read and enjoy. Great for all of my foot sluts and sissy gurls! $7.99

Must eat fat pig mind fuck

Fat Pig – Weight Gainer Mindfuck MP3 by Goddess Bella Donna You are so hungry every time you hear MY Voice. You can’t stop yourself. You must eat. You must gain weight. You must hear my voice. Dual Layer repetition brainwashing mindfuck for fat pigs. Listen and eat, you can’t stop yourself, you are so hungry. 8 min. 40 sec. MP3 $12.99

Dirty bare feet, big Ass and Panty Tease!

Dirty bare feet, big Ass and Panty Tease! Worship your BBW Goddess Bella Donna Clip! You know you love my big ass, my thick legs / ankles and you can’t get enough of my plus sized panties driving you insane. Well aren’t you in luck that I was in the mood to tease you. See Avatar for some “censored” screenshots of this clip (clip is uncensored of course) and buy it now. WMV format 960 X 720 $9.99

Come on foot bitch, bare feet ahead!

Come on foot bitch, bare feet ahead! BBW bare feet Clip by Goddess Bella Donna Oh yeah I am in one of those real teasing moods today and since I had some help with filming and gave directions to the one behind the cam this is another “voiceless clip” with written tease text and music background. Turn the sound off is you want you won’t miss me talking. This is a fun clip for all of you BBW bare feet loving bitch boys out there. Look at the collage screenshot I put together for it and you can see the …

Black Hose / Black Panties Goddess Worship Pic Pack

Black Hose / Black Panties Goddess Worship Pic Pack Rejoice my little Pantyhose and Big Ass loving Panty Puppets. I have another new Pic Pack for you to surrender to and worship! Yes Goddess is being very generous with you today! All those lovely new BBW Goddess Pics. See Collage Pic to see what’s inside this Photo Pack. Pictures are full sized. (Taken February 22nd 2017)

No choice but to tickle torture you!

No choice but to tickle torture you! Your evil Tickle Queen is after your laughter and screams! You have been a very bad boy and now I have no choice but to tickle torture punish you. Listen carefully as I tell you how I am going to torment you with my wicked tickling fingers and hair brush. *Tickle tickle tickle* Your evil Tickle Queen Get it now boys. Category: TICKLING Related Categories: BBW GODDESS, FETISH, MIND FUCK, FOOT TICKLING, FANTASIES Keywords: goddess bella donna, tickle torture you, finger tickling, tickle talk, evil tickle queen, laughter, wicked tickler Price: $8.99 USD …

Watch me smoke and stroke on my command #5

Watch me smoke and stroke on my command #5 Your smoking Goddess is back and I know how much you have missed me. Get your lubrication puppets and get ready to watch your Goddess smoke her Marlboro Menthol 100 full flavor and tell you how to stroke. Cum Countdown at the end of the clip AFTER I finished my last drag.   Category: SMOKING Related Categories: MASTURBATION ENCOURAGEMENT, FEMDOM, BBW FEMALE DOMINATION, BBW SMOKING, MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION Keywords: goddess bella donna, smoking mistress, mature bbw goddess, watch me smoke, stroke for me, cum countdown Price: $14.99 USD Length: 12 minutes Size: …

Old School Discipline

I love that old school discipline! Hardcore Discipline never gets old for this strict Disciplinarian Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one left on this planet who truly enjoys utilizing those good old school disciplinarian tools. A lot of the hardcore and often very humiliating disciplines I dish out to those who understand the concept of needing to accept their proper correction with a grateful heart are rooted in some of those very old school disciplines you may have found in the now old days. Here are some of mine, how I enjoy adjusting them and what I …

Time to practice cock sucking on your dildo sissy

Time to practice cock sucking on your dildo sissy Sissy cock sucking dildo training instruction clip! Put on your pretty lipstick sissy. You know you must always wear your pretty lipstick before you begin to suck cock. Today I am taking you through your proper cock sucking practice on your dildo. Remember sissy slut you must practice daily on your rubber lover so you may be ready to service a real man. Are you ready to obey me sissy? Category: SISSY TRAINING Related Categories: BBW FEMALE DOMINATION, FEMALE DOMINATION, DILDO SUCKING, FEMINIZATION Keywords: goddess bella donna, dildo sucking orders, sissy …