Take just another bite for me

Dark Erotic Feeder / Feedee Fat Pig Doom Fetish Story Take just another bite for me! A written fetish fiction tale by Goddess Bella Donna Goddess tells you a highly arousing and yet wickedly devious and evil story for fat pigs and lovers of the darkly erotic side of feeder […]

You’ve got the wrong number Queermo

You’ve got the wrong number Queermo! Gay Confession Humiliation Audio Fiction! After his failure to get hard with a Prostitute whom he had hired at a Bordello John picks up the phone to talk to Madam Isolda, the Witch he believes to be responsible for his queerness. As he spills […]

Are you one of the tomorrow people?

Introducing a new Series inspired by the “tomorrow people”. Journal Post Who are the tomorrow people? At first when I thought about this two word phrase I thought of a group of futuristic individuals. You know, someone who was working hard on a better future? After a while however I […]

Your path of doom to the fat hog milking facility

Your path of doom to the fat hog milking facility Audio Fetish Fiction for my fat Piggy’s Once I have singled you out and marked you as my fat hog victim there are 2 facilities you may end up at during your last few hundred pounds to gain before I’ll […]

Cleanup on Isle 18 MP3

Cleanup on Isle 18 Naughty sexy Erotic Audio Fiction Couple being naughty Have you ever hoped that you could make couples Grocery shopping a lot more fun? Well if you have you’ll really appreciate this naughty erotic story about this wickedly fun grocery shopping trip with our fun loving couple […]

Mindful masturbation mindmelt Audios

Mindful Masturbation mindmelt Audios Mind Conditioning for Masturbation Puppets! Parts 1 through 3 Part 1 of my newest Masturbation Puppet Conditioning Trilogy. I take you through a sensual relaxing masturbation mindmelt (induction to relaxation and masturbation). You will have your breathing and stroking controlled by me as you become mindful […]

I’ll be in touch cock sucker faggot,

I’ll be in touch cock sucker faggot.. Blackmail Fantasy Audio Recording When you get home from work you see a CD case sitting in front of your door with the words … Confidential – Important – OPEN NOW! A shiver runs down your back and you quickly pick it up, […]