God brings only pain Satan brings satisfaction

God brings only pain Satan brings satisfaction

Satanic Humiliation by Goddess Bella Donna

Its time for satanic Church and your satanic Evangelist the Satanic Goddess herself delivers a mindfucking religiously humiliating and ultimately eye opening sermon which has one bottom line. You need to disavow the impotent truly evil God you have been groveling to all these years and embrace Satan for you own benefit and satisfaction.

I take you slowly through truth which are hard to dispute, show you why you as a male are so weak and helpless, why women have always been the smarter sex in questioning the impotence of men (powerlessness) especially since you are made in the image of God, and show you how Satan has always been on your side and accepted you.

Religious Humiliation, mindfuck, satanic sermon, and more. Come listen, learn and embrace your destiny foolish boys.

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