Its either become a cuckold or an EX! WMV

Its either become a cuckold or an EX! WMV

Fat Mean Marriage Counselor by Goddess Bella Donna

Welcome to your second Session with the Fat Mean Marriage Counselor (Goddess Bella Donna) and today we are going to continue on where we left off last time. Its utterly mind blowing how you missed all of the signs that your wife has been cheating on you for the last 6 months now (which I count off to you slowly with some rather humiliation remarks added you are an idiot you know???) before she finally had the talk with you 2 weeks ago. You know the one that has you sitting here in therapy with Me now. Its either become a cuckold or an EX!

The thing is she didn’t start out wanting to ever cheat on you or turn you into a cuckold. She was a rather reluctant Cuckoldress and Adulterous woman matter of fact, but NOW.. well shes finally learned that she deserves to be satisfied in bed and treated like the Goddess she is. Too bad you forgot all about that Mr. Man hahaha.

Note: This is not your small dicked, limp dicked loser type of clip, since in reality even regular sized guys who aren’t even necessarily beta bitches from the start can due to their ignorance get this very humiliating ultimatum. Just think about it boys, what could be more humiliating than going from being once a real man in her eyes to being nothing now but a cuckold bitch at best! The choice is yours

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