Marriage counseling shrimp dick gregory (sph cuckolding)

Marriage counseling shrimp dick gregory (sph cuckolding)

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I received a call from shrimp dick Gregory’s wife (you get to listen in on parts of the conversation – my end) and agreed to take the “case”. Gregory was sent to me for counseling and I recounted to him what I had found out from his wife and why she sought out my help.

Apparently his cock was so tiny that he didn’t even take her virginity during their wedding night etc.

Fasting forward to “now” I tell him that she confessed to having had sex with another man, during which she realized that she had remained a virgin all these years due to the tiny size of Gregory’s cock. She came and now she knows that she just can’t remain in a marriage with a male who can’t sexually satisfy him, no matter how much she loves him, unless she can find satisfaction some other way.

I suggest cuckolding and she was very interested in it. Now Gregory being new to the idea I start to explain the basics to him.This is only shrimp dick Gregory’s first session with me, and he has a lot to think about.The main focus of this clip is on “small penis humiliation” but it goes into cuckolding at about the halfway mark.

I suggest all you little shrimp dicks listen in and watch this clips, because your wife be the one to call me next. This is done in a professional unemotional tone of voice as you may find at a counselors office.

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