Fat Piggy Humiliation and Weight gain task.

Fat Piggy Humiliation and Weight gain task.

Audio Recording

This audio recording is for all of my fat pig boys out. NOTE: This is not satanic in nature. No references to hell are being made in this recording. Goddess is putting you on a strict monthly weight gain goal for the next 12 months and gives you some very humiliating insights on what you are going to go through fat boy.

The total weight gain goal is 150lbs within a year, which doesn’t seem all that much until you come up against your natural instincts to want to be admired and respected by the female gender. haha, boy those days are over and they are not going to be the last things you lose along the way. Goddess is going to kick start you off with a mega 20,000 calorie food intake order which you must complete within 24 hours.

Goddess tells you exactly what foods and meals to devour. Now be a good fat hog for me…oink once.. then buy, listen and obey.

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Length: 15 minutes
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