Your FAT HOG future is sealed

Your Fat Hog future is sealed

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You thought you knew what you’d get yourself into when you joined My FAT HOG for Goddess Bella Donna club. Maybe you should have paid attention to the information and read the fine print on the document you signed. You signed yourself over to Me for a duration of 5 years and gave Me card blanch power over your eating habits, weight gain and body period.

You gave Me full power over how I would turn you into the fat disgusting hog of a male I want you to be and if you would have paid attention you would have also seen that at the end you wouldn’t be free but sold on a Fat HOG Auction to the highest bidder to do with you as they please at that point.

Little did you know that you signed up for truly wicked and evil doom to befall you, but now that you are in my cage let me enlighten you fully. I can’t tell you what will happen once you are sold off at the Auction, but I can tell you what really happened up to now, what the next 9 months of your life will look like, and just how foolish you were to fall for the pretty little lies I told you to make you feel like being My fat Hog was the only way to go. I did always warn you so that I am wicked and evil, so maybe you should have listened to Me on that. OH well eat up while I take you through it all, I guess I owe you at least that much. The truth of your sealed Fat Hog Future … and doom.

Written Fat Hog evil Feeder Goddess fiction story. Twisted, darkly deviant, erotically horrific, and deliciously evil.
Enjoy My little Fat Hogs.