Sissy Orientation at the Hades Lust Den (Fag Brothel)

Sissy Orientation at the Hades Lust Den (Fag Brothel)

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Naughty sexy Sissy Fantasy Story with a wicked twist. Goddess takes you for your first orientation in Hades Lust Den (aka. The Faggot Brothel) where you’ll be a wanton Faggot Whore.

Extended Teaser:

Hello again Sissy, I hope you are ready for the naughty adventure of your life.

By now you should have gotten over your fear of trips to Hell. As you can see the Hell of MY creation is nothing at all like the Hell you have grown up with.

No my dear sissies, in this Hell of your own personal Satan in the female form it’s all about forbidden pleasures and hot lustful infernal eternity for My sinfully obedient little sissy whores. After all you had to commit a lot of wicked debauched acts to make it into My Sissy Harem and Temple.

In the end you have always known that you’ll be serving cocks in My glorious Name and will learn the true meaning of a hellish hot time. The one thing you have been waiting for ever since you have entered into satanic sissy service and conditioning has been your service in “Hades Lust Den” aka the satanic Fag Brothel. Located in the 13th circle of Hell, right next to the Sissy Breeder Halls.

Rejoice oh naughty sissy, because today you are having your first day orientation at the satanic Fag Brothel. *Hands you a tissue, you are dribbling a little dear* Are you ready to go? Well come on then, walk through the sparkly red portal, click your black hooker heels together 3 times and say. There is no place like home… Sorry sissy I just couldn’t resist. 27 min. 44 seconds

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